Fortrex 101 replacement

Hi guys my Fortrex 101 has come to an untimely death and im looking to get a spankers 101.After haveing a look online there are new models however the reviews seem to be abit mixed on performance and battery life ect.

Anybody useing one of the newer models that can recommend one or shall I stick to a 101

The new foretrex 401 is next to me as I type. Does all sorts of whizz bang stuff some of which I doubt I will ever really need (Jump master). It arrived yesterday so I am still getting to grips with it. So far I have worked out it aquires a helluvalot faster than my forerunner 301 and is slightly smaller but thicker. Damn thing refuses to discover or sync with my HRM from the forerunner though.
To help protect you GPS I have one of these for 101 and it spent 6 months getting hammered round Afghan and it looks as good as new

GPS Wrist Pouch

Not sure how the 301 & 401 will fit but its a good shop with good customer service and I know they do a lot of work for ITC Brecon and them

I had a look on the Garmiin web site at the 301 & 401 and should my 101 die I will be looking at the 401 as a replacement
Saw a bloke with one of these on a course a couple of years back now, looked the mutts, and much easier/quicker to use than a typical GPS stowed in pocket.

But does anyone know of a similar wrist-mounted GPS that takes AAs, as apparently they take AAAs but I'm not sure how available they are, whereas AAs are always available from the CQMS et al?


Never having had more than a few minutes with any sort of GPS system I have in my draw a new Garmin Etrex. Its for work, plotting items of kit that need responding to. I'm not sure its what I wanted and as I didnt spec it I have little idea about it. Are they any good? If so I may take one around the woods next time I go out and plot high seats etc.
AAAs always available on ops but difficult to get in camp from my experience - so I guess front up yourself for exercises but you'll be fine when you deploy.
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