Fortress Europe?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. So has the time arrived to man the barricades and put AP mines on the beaches of the Southern Med?

    EUobserver / Italy asks for EU help in blocking Tunisian refugees

    Italy is being "flooded" with aslyum seekers, some 3000 over the weekend alone, and most observers seem to think that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that there will be lots more to come soon.
  2. There was an interview on the World Service this morning with a Tunisian who was trying to get into the EU, he said that the revolution had changed nothing there were still no jobs no food and he wanted out, all in not half bad English.
  3. And once in the EU, then it's straight on to the UK where if today's blurb is to be believed, Illegals are claiming Social in all it's guises.
    Personally I think the drawbridge for illegals should be drawn up [and more importantly vigourously enforced] at Dover. Too small a country and too many people already.
  4. If further north African regimes continue to revolt, the exodus to the EU will be astronomical. Spain and several other southern European Nations are broke. I can't imagine it's people being to friendly when a couple of hundred thousand immigrants turn up looking for a free handout.
  5. Coming to a UK near you...
  6. I know they are not exactly superpowers but both Italy and Spain have their own Navy and Army so exactly what help do they really need.

    What is the Italian for "Fix Bayonets" anyway. (Not that it is a phrase the Italian Army has ever used much)
  7. If they get the rest of the EU involved it will be easier for them to ignore various laws on refugees because everyone will be involved.
  8. I don't know what fix bayonets is in Italian but they do have a word for advance, "Avanti" which having spent time on exercises with both the whingeing Alpini and the highly perfumed Bersaglieri simply beggars belief!

    I suspect that the Italian command "fix bayonets" involves stowing them properly for an unhampered getaway.
  9. There will be squadrons of stinking, fornicating 'Oomin Rites' lawyers and Lefty Socialistic-Commie 'Do-Gooders' making the pilgrimage to Dover Port, to hand out free leaflets on "How to Defraud England's Money For Nothing" social security system... of course I jest, really i do....
  10. Don't know about the Capercaillie feathered lot, but a bunch of guys who's main job involves climbing large mountains were whiners?
  11. Reading between the lines of that article, I'd imagine the Italian army is likely to have stuff all to do with it.

    It looks like the Italians want to blockade every Tunisian port of departure - quite a task, requiring a lot of boats. They're also probably worried that the domino effect currently rippling through the Arab Street might require blockades along a significant portion of the southern med coast. This means lotsa lotsa more boats.

    Might be a job for the Andrew there, if they had lots of blockade capable boats instead of those bonkers-mad Astutes...
  12. No surprise really. I can't see Italy, Spain or even France being particularly welcoming to hoards of asylum seekers in the current financial climate.
    Would be nice if we had effective border controls to prevent us getting a share of the problem too.
  13. The last part of the real "Festung Europa" fell on the 09.11.89, the day the world changed forever, not only in Northern Europe. The price of this freedom for the "underpriviledged" will undoubtedly become the deciding factor in the return of walls and fences. In the last 20 years, we have seen the greatest movement of populations since the last stages of WWII, continents and countries have been re-shaped, born, or ceased to exist, at great human and financial cost. The alarming factor in the whole saga is this: "I want what you have", so its human greed, or "the grass is greener" factor.

    Assuming that every country was to adopt the immigration laws of Canada, that would probably cut immigration by 75%+. It is not much to ask that an immigrant family can support itself for 12 months without State benefits, arrange employment and dwellings, learn the language of the host-nation, adopt/adapt to the culture. Would this be assuming for some that the host-nation is Racist? No, its purely protecting its system, regardless of creed.

    With no European Gubment reading inbetween the lines, (like the Appeasement) 2030-2050 might see an uprising European-wide, that will result in many, many tears, its just a matter of time until the last straw on the donkey...........
  14. You are funny Jags - the coastline of England is porous. There is no way that any sized border force would be able to monitor the coast never mind stop infiltratioin by illegal immigrants