Discussion in 'RLC' started by cheese, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i'm after the DRLC's FORTE (fightign logistics through, one army, etc). Can't remember the rest, and away from home loc. Cheers!
  2. Do you mean the former DRLC? Doesn't the new boy have his own pet saying yet.

  3. yes, you are correct. Any help please?
  4. Fighting logistics through
    One Army
    Retention and recruitment
    Take care of my soldiers
    Excellence as standard

    I feel ashamed that I can still remember that drivel.

  5. Futile
    Regarding the
    TA and
    Eff all else of interest
  6. The New Director is in the chair and his motto is 'Stop ******* about with dull acronyms, attending endless meetings, and TRF's & Stable Belts and get on with doing your job and cracking lots of Phizz you Fat Lardies'

    Its know as SFAWDAAEMATASBAGOWDYJACLOPYFL so its alot easier to recite than the last dribble
  7. I'll never forget the day that I heard the last DRLC (CM) asking for advice on how to sort out the 'fat *******' in the Corps. He clearly didn't get a repsose as everyone was so gob-smacked that such a comment had been uttered by the fattest **** in the Corps!
  8. Did he have fairground mirrors fitted in Dett house so that he looked tall and slim?

  9. Oh now we all start talking to the arrse........
  10. Sounds good. However should it be SFAWDAAEMATRFASBAGOWDYJACLOPYFL or can you acronym an acronym?
  11. subliminal messages. Stop it!