Fort Hood under attack again



BBC News - US serviceman held amid 'plot' to attack Fort Hood

US serviceman held amid 'plot' to attack Fort Hood

A US soldier who was absent without leave will face federal charges after guns and bomb-making materials were found in his motel room, the FBI says.

Pfc Naser Abdo, 21, was arrested in Killeen, Texas, near the Fort Hood US army base, and had been planning to target military personnel, police said.

The Muslim infantry soldier was granted conscientious objector status last year because of his religious beliefs.
Mr Abdo, who is currently being held on an unrelated child pornography charge in Killeen, refused to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan from Fort Campbell military base in Kentucky before going missing, FBI agent Eric Vasys said.
The Texas native....
**** me, not a lot in his favour is there?

Not a very conscientious conscientious objector - armed with 'guns and bomb-making materials'!

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