Fort Dix

New Jersey in the summer? Hope your barracks has air conditioning.

Typical enough East Coast weather. Not going to be as muggy or humid as states further South, but there will be times. Expect average daytime highs to be in the 80s or 90s fahrenheit, with occasional forays into the hundreds.

You will probably be rained on, though more often than not the rain, though heavy, will be over fairly quick.

There are worse places to spend your June. I'm going to the desert.

Fort Dix sucks... no matter the season.
It's close to both New York and Philadelphia, and in Philadelphia you can catch the train to DC. The New Jersey beaches are pretty nice south of Atlantic City.
px4llp said:
Im going in a few weeks and was wondering what the weathers like ECT.
Who long as the chicks like blokes in maroon t-shirts(course they do!), kilts, dezzie boots and cowboy hats then im sorted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go to, key in 08640 to find the weather there.

Hope your trip is a good one.

Cali you heading for some NTC time?
Nothing too exciting, Tank Tables VII and VIII. Two weeks budgeted, I'm not entirely sure why. I've been seeing a lot of Irwin recently.

Thought you americans thought New Jersey was a bit of a hole?
It is.

Well, sortof. The bit that most Americans see, the bit near New York. The Southern parts of the Garden State aren't actually all that horrible. You just need to find an excuse to visit, which is hard. Kindof like Montana.

Why would a guy from Gateshead be going to Dix for deployment prep?

SOme RLC guy went to that place near Vegas on an exchange recently too.

Happens all the time.
And I went on exchange with the TA in Bovington. No deployments involved.


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