Fort Blockhouse?

Combined Services Medical place ,the SETT is still there and in use. Loads of fit nurses live there and work/study at Haslar.


It's basically the Officer's Mess and OR's accomodation for Haslar, together with various other medical training bits and pieces. I stayed there to do a first aid instructors course a few years ago: quite disconcerting to be lying in bed at night and seeing a cross-channel ferry go past your windows about 50 yards away!
You get to stay when off to the JSASTC, Gosport is a right hole, not too bad on the piss though, has a bar, not many in last time I was there.
If you are a wannabe 'feeder', get yourself down to Emma's on a Saturday night......
Mongoose said:
Hmm, why on earth would someone from there buy on ebay an item thats quite easy to obtain from stores?
In my experience, nothing is easy to obtain from the civvies who run stores at Blockhouse.
paveway_3 said:
Loads of fit nurses live there
Have a word with yourself! fit nurses my arrse :)

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