Forsake The Troops founder dead

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Countryman, May 17, 2005.

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  1. The guy who ran the Forsake the Troops website has been assaulted and has now died.

    Forsake the Troops

  2. Its murder and being beaten to death can't be much fun BUT>..............................

    If anyone was gonna get it this fella was

    Just a sad attention seeking TW+T who massively underestimated strength of feeling against the horse sh+t he peddled

    The power of the internet

  3. Or done a Reggie Perrin.

    If true he didn't deserve that, a kicking perhaps, but not beaten to death and certainly not in front of his family.
  4. Is there any way this story can be verified? Where does he live and has the story appeared in the local news? Terrible thing to say - but would you put it past him to make this up?
  5. That's what I mean Gonzo. Couldn't find any reference to it on Google, but maybe it's too soon for search engines to pick it up.
  6. A terrible bit of news. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how extreme. He expressed an opinion that he believed in despite the fact, that to most of us, it was utter b0ll0cks. However, to kill a man for expressing an opinion is so OTT. I would loved to have punched his smug face, but whoever assaulted him have gone beyond the pale and deserve to be punished.
  7. And what's the betting the murderers are not in the military, but are just Red-Necks ?.
  8. Shame about the beating to death, especially for him to die in front of his family.

    Shame he didnt realise the public out lash of what can happen , when some one speaks out with such radical views, that it enrages a nation.

    Whilst i do not support your politics, RIP fella
  9. Sounds like a stunt to me.

    If he has been beaten to death... he WAS asking for it. Yes yes rule of law etc etc, freedom of speech. Sorry but no sympathy IF it is true.
  10. Is there any corroboration?
  11. I'm all for getting a good 'bite' on a website, but that is ridiculous.

    The world has lost a wind-up merchant of the first quality.

    Unless it's a wind-up.
  12. He is from Syracuse, NY. The following is a link to local Syracuse news and there is no mention of what would be a very high profile murder:

    This is obviously a sick stunt.
  13. doesn't list his site anymore either. Strange....