Forsake the Troop

The author of, who was supposedly killed by 2 Marines last month has been found.

This is his interview on Fox news. Our Troops?&acc&U.S. & World&-1&wvx-300

This comment is an example of his view on the War in Iraq, and was made in reference to the news that a US serviceman had just died out there.

Forsake The Troops strongly feels that he should just be buried at his family's expense, and not that of us, the innocent taxpayers. This soldier was not a victim of anything else but his own poor choices. Forsake The Troops spits on him and all other "veterans" who died because of something that they chose to do.
I'm going to forward this to people, it needs to be watched for two reasons:

1) It's sickening that someone can hold the views he has, and then get away with it without punishment ence level (some may call being him a punishment in itself, but...)

2) It's worth watching in itself for the two presenters ripping him apart :)

On a serious note though, the sort of anger generated by that website cannot be expressed at one in the morning.
I felt that the Presenters didnt give him enough time to squirm?
if they had set Paxo on him, there would have been wonderful silences where he looked for words.
Unfortunately the Ugly greasy effeminate limp pallid codpiece does look like 1/3rd of the International Politics department in Aberystwyth!
It'll all come out eventually, whether he is dead or not. Sort of stands out in a crowd to say the least hehe. If he isn't dead, someone will catch up with him sooner or later. Whoever does get the cnut will have free beer for life, that's for sure!
Oh well, glad that I won't be the only one then :( :wink:

Mmm, good point about Paxo though - The downside (but not really a bad thing) is that we don't have that sort of anti-military sentiment here, do we? Dunno, I've never seen anything this vehement sourced from our side of the Pond.
isn't U75 full of little pricks like him?
This "man," is nothing but a waste of oxygen. A living, breathing, waste of oxygen. Sometimes our gene pools just need thinning. This prick is a classic example of that.

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