Formula One

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. What is the point of it?
    Nice to see the "Pit Lane Girls" obviously.
    Glad the boy Hamilton won and all that,but otherwise why do they bother?Do they not realise the amount of fuel they are wasting?
    Any petrol heads in at the moment?
  2. Yes.

    It is or was the pinnacle of motor sport offering the very highest form of racing. Of late, it’s become the background activity to the corporate schmoozing and huge money spinner for TCE (That Cnut Ecclestone).

    Although Hamilton has revitalised the sport a little bit (as well as the other young chaps who are making it more than a one horse event), it’s still a hit and miss affair as an entertaining form of racing. The problem is the huge amounts of money involved. Firstly the teams to be competitive, need to chuck the equivalent of a large countries deficit to be even remotely in the running and secondly, the utter distain for the real motorsport fans. The event is put on for the TV sponsors and not the viewing public either watching at home or actually at the tracks.

    There are far more entertaining forms of four wheeled motorsport around. For example; British Touring Car Championship and one form of motorsport I've only recently been to watch; Top fuel drag racing at Santa Pod. By fuck, is that amazing. Unless you’ve been next to 8000 hp setting off from the start line, hitting 100mph within 60 ft and doing the 1/4 mile in about 4.5 seconds at over 320mph, you aint lived! Both those events are around £20-30 (even for championship events), you can freely walk around the paddock chatting to the teams and drivers and the whole thing is still fan based. Its there for the fan, not for some suited cnut who owns a dodgy front company selling tampons to Bangledeshi warlords.

    I refuse to pay Ecclestone nigh on £400 to briefly glimpse a 200mph advert trudging along behind another 200mph advert and be treated like a fcuking leper because I'm not one of the few 'beautiful people'. Fcuk him and fcuk the whole circus. I'm only interested in F1 due to the skill of a few of the drivers.

    As for wasting fuel? A top fuel dragster chucks 22 gallons into the atmosphere warming up, doing a burnout and racing for 4.5 seconds. :D (plus it feels as if someone has brought fast air in danger close to you as your whole body jumps out of its skin).
  3. As one comedian put it, think it was lee evans, formula one is just like watching noddy on crack but still nothing better to watch on a sunday unless you like deadenders
  4. Agree with flashy, Formula 1 has it's moments (great race by Hamilton this morning) but is nowhere near the top in terms of excitement. I've had the pleasure of witnessing open wheel (Indy/Champ car) racing at Michigan Speedway which is a 2 mile oval. It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best things I have ever paid money for, 242mph on the back straight, three abreast on the curves at 200mph, - fcukin brill, and because this is the Naafi bar I will tell you that the wifey was so turned on she gave me road head on the way home)

    Drag racing comes close, especially the top fuelers, get close to the start line and once these things rip it feels as if someone has taken a hammer drill to your chest, it vibrates like nothing else. Stand at the 1/4 mile line and these things are almost invisible, well, almost faster than the eye/brain can perceive. You stand there and just go "FCUK, FCUK, FCUKing awesome"

    so to answer your question: Wasting petrol my arrse ! The world would be one boring fcukin place if we listened to the do gooders.
  5. i got bored of F1 years ago. The touring cars died a death a bit to but has hit form again recently. I love the rallying for the sheer skill and ballsyness of the drivers... but at the moment the two most exciting forms of motorsport on the tv are the world superbike championships and the moto gp.
  6. I went off formula 1 when that german git schumacher started winning everything, but after getting an invite to watch some comp safari racing earlier this year I reckon that has to be one of the best and cheapest motor sports to go and see. I mean watching a ,load of loons in seriously modified land rovers racing over some dodgy terrain it was just like being back on salisbury plain during an exercise
  7. They should build a brick wall on the home straight and the person last should be made to 'Ayrton Senna' into it.
  8. That'll be you then - Crasher. :D

    How many times now? Hmmmm?
  9. As far as "motor sport" is concerned for an evening out you can't beat speedway IMHO although banger racing comes pretty close. Neither of these activities will break the bank when it comes to entry charges and incidentals.
  10. (plus it feels as if someone has brought fast air in danger close to you as your whole body jumps out of its skin).

    Yes, maybe, but it doesn't beat an English Electric Lightning roaring and crackling in a near-vertical climb, something few of us are ever going to experience again sadly.
  11. I'll bet it does!

    Having stood next to a Frightning on full burner, the violent force from a top fueller is believe it or not, more violent. 8O I suppose its down to the instantanious assault on every sense as opposed to a comparative run up of a pair of Avons.
  12. Stand 10 feet away from one of these, the vibration will drain your balls.

  13. Or stand 5 feet away in the paddock whilst they are warming up a top fueler at tick over then open it up with the exotic mixture and you actually feel the shit hitting the back end of your cack pipe! 8O

    (I was stood in the paddock doing exactly that, no ear defence taking a few phots and Wham! I thought some cunt had fired an AS90 into my head)



    Of course, these boys are the ultimate nutters;
  14. Well I was there, just got back, apart from a bit of rain, great day out, and sat in the right place to watch loads of spins and overtaking (well for F1 anyway).
  15. There speaks a man that knows what he is on.