Formula One World Champ

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bugsy, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. After his win in Hockenheim, Michael Schumacher seems to be on his way to winning his eighth world championship. That's quite some achievement in this day and age. He's now only 11 points behind Alonso, who's not looked too good in his last few races.

    I predict that "Schumi" will win his eigth title and then announce his retirement from racing. But I could be wrong.

  2. I would like to see him do it, however Renault have been allowed theis Mass dampner system back on and they seem to think this makes a big difference, I think if nothing else it could give Alonso the right mindset to get his a$$ back into gear!

    Michael not only needs to win, but to have alonso lose by significant number of places in each race!
  3. Wrong if Schumacher wins every race now he wins the championship regardless of where Alonso finishes
  4. Schumacher is a cheating cnut.

  5. and your going to back that up with????
  6. Yeah, I'd like to hear some reasons for that too! Like, how do you cheat in Formula One!

  7. Blimey you don't watch Formula One very much then.

    Latest cheat

    Opinions on latest cheat

    I can't be arrsed to list all the other times, here's a few the BBC have kindly listed though:

    Cheating cnut

  8. True, but its not as if everyone else is squeeky clean.

    I admire him a lot because no one else puts in as amny hours etc as he does, and at the end of the day, he has earned the right to be arrogant!
  9. 3 races to go and Schumacher only 2 points behind Alonso.

    I'm very anti Ferrari but not anti Schumacher.

    I'm also a Mac fan but find Alonso's move to the Macs in 07 a bit odd, however, Kimi's move to Ferrari should see him good.

  10. Boremula 1 is shite. A pale pale shadow of what it once was. If you want exciting close racing, watch MotoGP. It has overtaking and everything.
  11. Man, when he came to the sport he was a breath of fresh air. But now, he's been the frontman for "the man" for so long that even I've stopped creating bogus email accounts to hurl abuse at f1 peple.
    In a sport where you can sue for victory, or where 90% of the teams throw a hissy fit over the wrong tyre choice he was king.

    I hope with the change we can get a bit of competition back into the sport.

    Arm the Fe*ckers or summat ;)
  12. Guru.

    Wouldn't argue with that mate, I watch MotoGP on TV and its good racing.

    Am a big fan of single seater tho so also watch Champ and IRL, mega close racing.