Formula One Thread 2007

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Brew_Time, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. With one week to go should lead us into an exciting season. Probably the most exciting season for a few years. Schumacher has retired and there's loadsa changes on the grid. Kimi to Ferrari and Alonso to McLaren to name just two. Then there's two new drivers coming into the top teams of McLaren and Renault. All the teams will be on a single make tyre of Bridgestone. And it all kicks off next weekend in Melbourne

    BT. :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  2. I used to be a hardcore avid F1 fan a few years ago. Never used to miss a race despite the early start times of some. Would sit and watch everything from the Friday practice. By this stage close to the start of the season, I would be brushing off my Ferrari cap, ironing my favorite Tifosi shirt and trimming my lap times down on the old playstaion.

    I have to say that over the past couple of years, I've become somewhat indifferent about the whole circus. It has become predictable, boring, repetative and duller than watching cricket. A sad state of affairs seeings how I was once such a huge fan of everything F1 (harks back to 1976 watching Nikki Lauda do a 'Nikki Lauda' at the Nürburgring, live, actually at the track on the day).

    I really, really do hope they have brought back some of the real racing and on track competition this year. I will watch the season opener but I just know it will be a PR and marketing event for the sponsors.

    Wheel out Mansell, Irvine and rebuild Senna, top that little fecker Ecclestone.


    Just had a look at the driver/team line up and it may prove to be mildly interesting. Nice to see a couple more Brits on the starting grid. Except for Coulthard as he is a waste of fuel and has proved to be as successful as Supergran in a Hillman Avenger.
  3. Yep have to say I was (and am) hardcore F1 fan. Am always up at a sparrows fart for the early weekends. Travelled to several circuits, Melbourne, Monaco, Nurburg, Magny Cours, Barcelona, Silverstone several times and my old favourite - Spa several times.

    However, have to agree its been a bit boring of late, a good season thrown in now and again. I don't agree with some of the rule changes and I'm not happy with these gridded tyres they still have.

    Still think this could be the turning point this year and lead us into an interesting season.

  4. I would have put money on Kimi being world champ in a ferrari, but Ross Brawn is taking a year off so don't think thats gonna happen now (chuffed if it doesn't - fecking hate ferarri).

    Probably be Alonso if the McClaren wants to work properly this year.

    Lets have a nice tight season were every point really counts. A few decent incidents and we haven't seen it kicking off in the pit lane since MS swallowed a hard pill and had a go at DC - "Look box head we've had this out twice and alot of people died to prove germans can't fight, now feck of back to your pretty red car you big girls blouse" or words to that effect
  5. Hmm dingerr, Ross will be a great loss to Kimi at Ferrari. I'm not a Ferrari fan but I believe that Ross is the best stratagist F1 have ever had - a pure genius. However, I believe that Kimi could be world champ if he give's the team valuable feed-back from the car, something Michael was good at. The Ferrari package is good with good reliability. He's definately gone a step up from McLaren, whereas Alonso has gone backwards from Renault. I'm a Mac fan but reliability is not our strong point. Nice car though.

  6. F1 programme on ITV at 5:10 today if anyone's interested. pre-season documentary with one of the teams.
  7. F1 programme on ITV at 5:10 today if anyone's interested. pre-season documentary with one of the teams.
  8. Thanks CR, will watch that.

  9. B_T

    trouble being that no one has any idea how the cars are doing until the season starts, this includes the times as they can only compare themselves to each other.

    There are many drivers who have the skills to win the championship this year for the first time in years - Kimi and Alonso are obvious, Jensons capable (just needs a good car). Lewis Hamilton has apparently impressed. Throw some of the other drivers into the mix that are capable of winning GP's (but not really championships) i.e Trulli, Fisi, Ralf and Rubbens and it will get very interesting
  10. Yeah testing is a different story. All the mid and lower teams say they have improved their car's and that their car is the car to beat. But so have the top teams and probably more so because of their budget.

    Lewis is a great guy, old head on young shoulders, don't come across as being cocky or big headed, however, I think he may want to prove he's the guy to beat in Melbourne and cause problems due to his inexperience in F1.

    A pattern starts to emerge once they come back to Europe where mid week testing can be done and improvments made. Talking of mid week testing. It's usually at Silverstone on the Tue Wed and Thu after a European GP and its FREE to watch. I usually phone up to see what teams are booked in.

  11. F1 Exciting? You need to get out more. Whoever gets the holeshot from the grid wins the whole boring 400 lap time trial; it's about as exciting as a WI cake sale. Check out MotoGP for PROPER racing.

  12. Hasn't Silverstone changed that?

    I used to go regularly a few years ago but since they've effectively closed the whole place off, 'if your names not down etc'. Dunno. It would be nice to see if it is still free and fully accessable. If so, I may well pop across.
  13. Hi stern, yeah watch that also and great racing too. Up for all the early ones as well.

    Ah the 400 lap time trial - your not thinking of Nascar or Indy Car are you ?? still good racing though.

    BT. :thumright:
  14. Oooo not sure LFH. I used to go regular a few years ago too. Wasn't aware of it being closed off. Best phone first eh. I got a photo of Ralf testing a McLaren one day, that was closed to the public but "yours truely" got in.

    BT. :thumright:
  15. I only ask because I was nearby last year and decided to pop in to see if there was anything going on during the week. The two muppets on the gate refused me entry even though there was only a bit of public lap day stuff going on. I parked up and tried to walk in again but they were adamant that I couldn't just 'wander round the stands. H&S and all that, govnor'. Since the rebuild, you can't even see any of the track now, not even from behind Woodcote outside the track on the old carpark. Home of British Motor Sport my arse.