Formula 1 Grand Prix - Finished?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bomb_Doctor, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. Having just watched the American Grand Prix - I have to feel that Formula 1 has lost its way and it's no longer worth watching.

    The fun of seeing the cars overtake and the pit crews struggle to replace all 4 tyres in 8 secs was a joy to see. It was also fun when the seals ruptured on the refuelling hose and the whole pit crew and car were engulfed in flames.

    I for one will not be watching F1 anymore. I think Touring Car is the way forward.

    What do you think?
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Caravan racing with Moris Minors as the prime mover.

    Flat caps, cardigans and pipes are de regeur for drivers.
  3. Not sure if you've ever seen that 24hr Lawn Mower endurance race on TV............ Now that could be a winner!

    Lets see Schumacher employ dodgy team orders sat on a 1hp Ride-On.
  4. As sumone who has followed GP racing since the days of the Shark Nose Ferrari I was only too happy that no wheel departed from a car and so no yankee spectator was injured let alone killed, the litigation would have killed the sport.
    Very bad. A lack of firm leadership from all invoved, no doubt millions where made but at the long term exspense of the sport.
    The Sport is Grand Prix racing not Gladiators.
  5. Watching the various commentators ask the same question in a dozen different ways and get a dozen completely different (and yet strangely identical) answers was like a televised version of the NAAFI Bar.

    Wouldn't want it to happen every GP but last night was the most entertaining 3 hours I've spent in front of the telly for ages.
  6. Stick to motorcycles GP and Superbikes where real people race each other and do not all think of them selves as demi-gods, at the London Bike show the riders mingle with the crowd have a chat sign autographs etc. If you get a chance try the TT or Northwest 200 if you like it close and fast.
  7. If the DAP were in charge they would have no doubt said that it was a resounding success, given that a race took place within budget.

    Regardless that it was pointless to the user and would undermine the event for years to come.

    Rant over
  8. Talking about money - All the spectators were told to contact Bernie Ecclestone for a refund...........

    Knowing the sueing culture out there - they'll probably win.

    Good luck to them! I hope they break the bank. Bernie has too much cash anyway.
  9. Couldnt beleive it when, returning from camping trip specificly to watch the race, to find that for the sake of a chicane - that incidently only would have taken 20 mins to install - the spirit of the race was forsaken. the teams were willing to race with a chicane but not take any points. But no, Mr Ecclestone has other ideas, in a way i feel he is far to freindly with ferrari.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Listening to the radio this am guy who was responsible for what went on seemed to reckon it was all about Michelin trying to put one over on Bridgestone it all comes back to money in the end.
  11. ?? Michelin fcuk up their equipment and it is all Ferrari and Ecclestones fault??

    Why haven't you been complaining about the fact that Ferraris Bridgestone tyres have been shite all season and it is all the fault of Maclaren?

    Makes about as much sense.
  12. Its not nice, but what else could have happened in the multi million pound industry? At the end of the day, it was michellins fault. They made the tyres that were not up to the job, thus leaving the majority of the cars without tyres. If they wern't on the majority of the cars, this wouldn't be an isue. If it was bridgestone, most people would have jsut said "unlucky" and probably laughed at ferrari!!

    I agree with the lack os chicane, why put out the cars that work to the specification, and even without points for the michellan cars, they could still knock out the point scoring cars!!

    Its harsh, but with the business the way it is, i think the tyre manufacturor should be serverly fined by the teams!!

  13. Serves 'em right for agreeing to race on one of those fecking boring American oval tracks, they might be fast but they're also bloody dull. I think I'll stick to watching Rallying and Touring Car, both of which are fare more interesting than F1 has been for years.

  14. I agree, if you want to see decent racing watch the bikes, especially live, then ride all the way home as if you know what your doing without getting mullered.. :D
  15. I have followed F1 since Nikki Lauda did his famous impression back in '76 at the Nürburgring (the Nordschleife, not that puffy go-kart track they use today). I was there on the day when he ploughed in just off the Bergwerk. Since then I've been hooked. The daring heroics of the fighter pilot like drivers, the utter madness of the speed of the cars and the atmosphere of the premier motor racing series. Not to mention James hunt and others actually having a personality. Coulthard et al have as much charisma as a box of tampons.

    I don’t think I have missed watching a race live (on TV) since about 1989, most others I still have on Betamax video cassette. I still occasionally dig out the Senna/Prost years or the Mansell v the rest of the field period, the Turbo era, Piquet making his races look as easy as a drive to the shops, a sproggy Schumacher driving a Jordan and Damon Hill in a very pink and pointless Brabham. It would be unheard of for me to miss the entire weekend’s worth of practice, qualifying and race. This ritual tapered off about six years ago. Lady Flasheart would enquire why we were actually going out on a race weekend and would be flabbergasted if we were visiting something like a Steam rally on a Sunday!!! I used to be one of the hard-line Tifosi (still have about £6k of Ferrari memorabilia in the loft). I would be hard pressed to know even 3/4 of the names of the drivers or who they drive for this season.

    Why have I, a dedicated fan, and many others moved away from this 'sport'? There are many reasons and excuses but I think it comes down to the direction Formula 1 has taken over the past few years. Is it a sport or is it a commercial venture purely to line the pockets of the suits? I think the actual race is merely a back ground activity to the whole circus and gets in the way of the Hospitality and the networking that goes on off track. It is easy to blame the poisoned dwarf AKA Eccleston and I do in parts blame him for taking the interest out of it.

    He took it away from being a pure sport some time ago but his reasons at the time were in the interests of keeping it in existence. Due to the rising costs of not only staging but taking part in F1, the teams could not keep their heads above water purely on their own. Ecclestone pushed F1 away from the usual sporting background and sold it as a massive world media event. It worked.....for a while. Many teams would have gone by the wayside were it not for a life line of huge bags of money from Ecclestone (I think it was the late, great Ken Tyrrell that when asked how to make a million in F1 said 'start off with £10 million!). Ferrari have had their huge share of loans especially in the dark era of the nineties and the rumour that F1 exists to support Ferrari is not that far from the truth.

    I think F1 has run its course in its present form. The debacle of Silverstone, a six car line up in America and the general dullness of a 'race'. I don’t think it’s important who is to blame. What is important is fans are leaving the sport in droves. Ecclestone may not care for them anymore but when the sponsors are paying millions and realise that no-one is watching they too will pull the plug. It needs to be reinvented. It needs to be taken back as a sport and back to being the top shelf of motor racing. F1 could learn or rediscover a lot of lessons from Bike racing. I too am now a Touring car and Bike GP fan. Until the joke that is F1 gets its act together, Lady Flash will be going out on Sundays in the Corniche for the foreseeable future.