Formula 1 - 2021 season

Horner and Marko will be battering the stewards' door down demanding the return of the death penalty
marko fuming . . .

and he can't point the finger at lewis...
I've only just opened the thread, having watched the Ch4 highlights . . . so don't know what has been said . . . but, did anyone else notice the "Product Placement" mind-games, during the post-match interviews with LH holding a can of Monster energy drink ?! ;) .
Presumably, we can await Marko’s detailed account (complete with videoed reconstruction of Albon standing in for Hamilton) demonstrating how Lewis sneakily syphoned off 0.7l of fuel in park fermé, the real reason for his turning up late at the press conference…

‘And ‘e appeared ill not because of long covid but because ‘e had accidentally swallowed some of ze petrol, ja?’, said Marko, as members of the media watched, fascinated, as his eyes began to swivel in opposite directions.
Briilliant race, Well done Ocon, Vettel, Lewis and Alonso. Never mind Max

I enjoyed Rosberg's commentary too
Always rated the guy.
In my view, he did the most intelligent thing getting out.
Given his next season was set to be utter purgatory anyhow....for what?
Not shown by Ch4 in the highlights :( . . . where's he going . . . what's happening ?!

DQ for Finger Boy....
"The decision means that Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton inherits second place, with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz classified as the final podium finisher in third.

The rest of the top 10 behind Vettel also inherit a place each, with Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen promoted from P11 into the final points paying position of P10.

The result also means Hamilton extends his title lead over Max Verstappen by a further two points after picking up 18 points to Verstappen’s two . . ."

It will come as no surprise, that I've never been asked to design a fuel tank for an F1 Grand Prix car, BUT . . . if them is the rules, you would think the fuel outlet from the fuel tank would be sufficiently high up the side of the tank, to ensure the required 1lit was remaining in the "sump" at the very bottom ?! :( .
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DQ for Finger Boy....
What news of LH ?!
Still a virtue signalling woke twat
That aside . . . what about his health?

EDIT . . . Lewis Hamilton believes he may still have not fully recovered from contracting Covid-19 after he experienced fatigue and dizziness at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The British driver finished third in a monumental effort to come back from last place at the Hungaroring but admitted he fears he may be suffering from long Covid.

After his immense recovery drive Hamilton missed the start of the post-race press conferences as he was being attended to by his Mercedes team doctor for fatigue. Afterwards he said that he did not feel he had fully recovered from the effects of the virus he contracted in December last year.

“I have been fighting all year with my health after what happened at the end of last year and it is still a battle,” he said. “I had really big dizziness and everything got a bit blurry on the podium.”

The race at the Hungaroring is hot and physically demanding but Hamilton conceded that he may be experiencing the symptoms of the form of the virus where health problems remain for months after it is first contracted.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone particularly about it but I think it is lingering,” he said. “I remember the effects when I had it. The training has been different since then and the levels of fatigue you get are different and it’s a real challenge. So I am just continuing to try and train and prepare the best way I can. Who knows what it is today? Maybe it’s hydration but I’ve definitely not had that experience. I had something similar in Silverstone but this is way worse.”

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That aside . . . what about his health?
Seems OK, he's seen a doctor. He complained of feeling dizzy and a bit out of it post-race, possibly long Covid.

I do actually feel sorry for Vettel, I'm not a fan, but he drove that AM well to get to second and I think he was marginally faster than Ocon, but just not quite fast enough to get past him.


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About time we had a racing driver commentating.

MB is a le mans winner and sportscar champion don't forget, and he gave Senna a serious run for his money prior to F1.

shame he seems to have turned into a bit of a bellend the last few years.

I have heard talk that that's why you rarely see him doing a gridwalk even before covid - no fcuker would talk to him. Nico was a pleasant change today, I was surprised to find out.


If Valtteri offers to play a game of billiards for money......don't take him up on his offer!

For a race that was supposed to be a long parade lap that has to be one of the more interesting/enjoyable of the season so far. It was bad enough looking at Crashie's gurning grid but now we have to listen to all the cloggie fans booing. It will be the same after the break in Spa and Zandvoort. Mate of mine went to watch him at Spa and Crashie binned it on the first corner. Anyway, tres unsporting from the fans.

Dutch TV were also reporting that before the race Alonso had said that if he had the chance he'd try and bugger up Lewis' race in order to help Crashie. Still good wheel to wheel and Lewis eventually put the Spanish git in his place.

Lewis looked raggers at the end of that one. Hopefully the break will do him good.
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A few years back they had Davidson as a colour commentator on practice and qualifying days, and he was a real mine if info.
Iirc, people would mail in questions and he'd give good answers- is what difference a following wind has on braking.
I learned a lot.
Did enjoy Alonso reminding Lewis and us how good he is .
His driving ability was flattered by the track. Most other circuits LH would have been past him within one or two corners.

Alonso is a ****, plain and simple.

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