Horner just on trying to convince himself and every one else that RB are in the same class as Merc . . .

How true.......and yet on lap 22..........
Anyway...it's a tyre battle today as much as anything...as usual.
Max giving it large & even less of a shit than ever so far is at least making a race out of it.

Iv'e a feeling.....LH may need a tyre stop if he's had to over drive them....


Crashie taking about getting to the end on his current rubbers. RB could still manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Last chance on a sensible tyre change coming up shortly.
You might think with it being the last race of the season,Merc might risk a quick stop for softs, turn the power back up and boot it, no loss if it doesn't work
Need to find somehow to watch it as RTL has just stopped after 30 years. I'll miss the commercials for Krombacher. They were worth putting up with for free view. Commentary wasn't too bad either.

There **might** be a thread worth investigating on reddit regarding free f1 streams. not that I've looked of course. streaming illegally is wrong.

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