Formula 1 - 2019 season

Might be worth a punt on Vettel retiring before next season. I think Ferrari will make CLC their No1 driver.

Yep. That was my prediction months ago

After end of season Vettel will do a Rosberg and announce surprise retirement to spend more time with his family

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C4 F1 Abu Dhabi Highlights

Qual - Sat 17:00
Race - Sun 18:05
Bottas for a consolation win then.
Would be difficult, he starts from the back.
Well, he'd better put his foot down then!

(And how can 40C say it's a Merc cront row lockout?)
Cant see anything other than a win for Hamilton tomorrow. Reckon Max will f*ck up leaving door open for that nice young man Albon to grab his first podium, behind Le Clerc.

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With any luck, Vettel will balls up the race again...Maybe leclerc can nerf him off into the barriers nice and early.

It would be a delight to see them take each other off in the first corner.
I'm sorry that the season is ending this weekend, it was fun waiting to see which way Vettel would screw up. Hopefully he'll live up to expectations tomorrow.
Slightly OT

Nicole - Lewis Hamilton ex gf not ageing well; hitting Meth? Rest are similar and all airheads


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It's gossip that's been going round for years. Allegedly Nicole was well paid. I don't think any solid proof has ever appeared to substantiate the gossip.
Passed me by....
Learn something new every day!
So another bullshit speculation :)

Not gay at all...


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