Formula 1 - 2019 season

Spoiler alert for anyone who's not watched it yet.

Magic moment on the podium. GStQ had just finished, the first few notes of DLdD were striking up; Lewis was waving to the crowd with his right hand. Unfortunately, he must have had an itch as he then touched just below his nose.
For a fraction of a second it was pure Basil Fawlty.
Not a brilliant race overall, but a good result.
And again Williams with nul points. During quali they had the camera in the Williams pit and for some of the time it focussed on Claire Williams. She looked like she was chewing on a very large nest of wasps. Money or not they can't be having fun.
There's something of Theresa May about Claire Williams. Stubborn, obstinate and not very good at her job. In thrall to advisors, unable to make decisions for herself and incapable of building a team around her because she's not actually very pleasant. Made worse by the fact that she's Daddy's Girl.

Williams won't progress whilst the family still have control. They need a complete change of organisational structure and culture and that can't happen whilst the family have the majority share and positional power and run the team as they did in the 80s.

The business is desperately in need of a buy out. Either float more shares or sell up and get out.
I heard the initial report and thought “that’s nice they’ve sent the kid a toy F1 car”, then I saw the full piece and thought it brilliant that they sent the actual car.

Nice one Lewis, nice one Mercedes.

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