Formula 1 - 2017 season

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CrashTestDummy, Nov 27, 2016.

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  1. A new thread for the forthcoming 2017 Grand Prix series.

    Can Rosberg hold on to the title, or will it be Hamilton? Can Verstappen improve, or will Vettel come good?

    Will Jenson appear as a pundit?

    These, and many more questions, probably won't get answered here and non-F1 fans will come along and tell us that it's shit and we should all go and watch motorcycling instead :)
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  2. I hope Lewis wins.

    He's my favourite!
  3. Don't be silly now
  4. I look forward to seeing Verstappen going for it next season
    The kid doesn't appear to respect situations or reputations.
    If Hamilton had backed it up much further he'd have tried to get past all of them today.
  5. Verstappen to really pee off Toto would be good!!
    LH will be so peed off he will want to win even more.
    JB will do a good job for McLaren, very much liked by the sponsors and the team.
  6. Predictions are impossible right now. I'll be keeping a close eye on Winter testing.
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  7. Could be an interesting season next year thanks to the rule changes. By all accounts, there is some rather huge gains in aero under next year's rules so that is a war everyone will want to win. And add in the new rubber and you can see how a power advantage can be negated with the right aero package.

    Winter testing could be interesting, shall we say.
  8. If he stopped driving like a pikey in a stolen transit he might finish more races.
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  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    oooh - I prefer the look of a wider car. plus there **should** be a lot more mechanical grip off the tyres.

    of course, however, we shall see. if the emphasis goes back to aero, then I'd definitely expect good things off any Newey penned car and from Mclaren and Williams.
    I predict Ferrari to stay in their 'typical dago shambles' mode, although any flash of success, no matter how fleeting, will of course be met with hysterical delight by their moonhowling fans. to be almost instantly replaced by just hysterics when they're inevitably back in the midfield at the next race. if they fail to score any podiums by mid year - which wouldn't at all surprise me - arrivabene will be getting the boot, and seb will either leave or be pushed.
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  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    If Hamiltons engines didn't keep exploding, he'd be a 4 time champion now. Rosberg won through reliability. Obviously I'd prefer Lewis to win it and join the elite of 4 time champions, but why did Hamiltons car suffer so many problems when Rosbergs was fine? Lewis is clearly the fastest driver, but he's got no chance when his car craps out
  11. I suspect that Hamilton's engine problems were a mix of bad components, a problem with installation and with Hamilton's driving style. I don't think it was deliberate sabotage.

    I do see Sky F1 running a story that Hamilton might be sacked over Sunday's antics, but they're not that stupid to sack the number 1 driver on the grid. If they did, I could see every team on the grid lining up for his services sharpish... and him f*cking off to do something else instead.
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  12. I'd imagine he would have a hefty financial settlement in his contract and the last thing Mercedes need is him driving for another team whilst gunning for them at same time.
    Aero apparently being the big thing next year, Merc need a driver who can pull off impressive feats of driving, I would argue that that is more LH than NR.
    If the advantage that Mercedes have enjoyed over last few years isn't so huge next season due to the rules change, I dont fancy Rossberg having such a good time of it.
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  13. And the minor fact of the commercial impact on the Merc group on suspending/sacking, the current face of F1. I think on high may be having words with the F1 management.
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  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    possibly - but on the flip side of things, britney will know it's doable and he'll be - he is - now a world champion himself. that may make all the difference to his confidence.