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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chrisssy, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi, just a newbe looking for some advice

    I applied to the TA (NI) just under 4 months ago and im still waiting on security forms, phoned up the recruiting team a few times cause getting sick of waiting about but of course they can't do anything about it, as it’s in Glasgow’s hands. Is there anything else I can do to try and speed the forms up? Or do I just have to grit my teeth and wait?

    :D Enthusiastic recruit :D
  2. You'll grow to love Glasgow! Note the words "still waiting on" and "Glasgow" in the same sentance - many experience this during their' time in.
  3. Well you could try looking on DVA (Defence Vetting Agency) They have contact details and you will get an answer from them due to their ivory tower being erroded faster than Glasgows!
  4. Thanks for link ST, and the repsonses.

    well glasgow is on my place's not to ever ever ever visit list at moment, but you never know i might love it (some day in the far distant future, and if/when I start getting paid):)

    You see at the moment im an unemployed student cause wanted to make full commitment to TA, so even know im not doing it for money, would be nice to see money going into my hands for once.(would be a miracle) :D

    Just having browse on DVA site. Thankies for the link V
  5. You should have filled in an orange booklet for a CTC, Counter Terrorism Check, this is done in Northern Ireland - don't ring the vetting agency. You just have to wait i'm afraid. I've filled that damn thing in 4 times! The last time, even though it's nearly time to disband the HS etc (balls imo), there was an added extra of listing every single member of my family, close friends etc from NI - not overly fun!
  6. Filled in a good number of forms, so a orange one was probley somewhere amoungst them. Being Irish has it downside's and being from NI I don't even get the cool accent i get stuck with the belfast one, like like. :(

    Well sure thanks for replys, i'll just wait and hope.
  7. I find being British and being from Northern Ireland more of a pain, I'm not even foreign like those Irish chaps.
  8. Well at least we can say "33 and 1/3" without everyone around pissing themselves laughting. :dwarf:
  9. It took the buggers 4 months to shuffle my paperwork when I joined due to me being born in Hong Kong.

    British passport, English parents, British territory (at the time).
    How they managed to take so long is beyond me, they must get paid by the hour :D