Former UK now Canadian Officer Charged with Murder of Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Deleted until a MOD can clarify.
  2. dutybooty

    dutybooty Old-Salt

    JJ, you've posted this story twice, both simply cut and paste. Why?
  3. Put it in the Canadian and general recent developments forums so others might see it beyond Canadians. I don't have any comment at this point since the proceedings are just beginning. What commentary do you think is appropriate at this point? I think it is newsworthy however especially given the debate that is ongoing in Canada as to whether to continue its commitment in Afghanistan.

    It is also a serious issue for the military generally in Canada, You may recall the firestorm that occurred some years ago (IIRC I think in Somalia) where some Canadian paras caught and killed a young lad who was stealing their gear. A cover up followed and by the time it all was sorted one of the accused had committed suicide, the Para Regiment was disbanded and lots of officers sacked.

    If that violates some posting rule I apologize.
  4. kabulronin

    kabulronin War Hero

    I'm not sure one can comment as his side of the story hasn't come out.

    I mean it's either:

    Yeah, I shot the fcuker so do one.


    He grabbed at my weapon/drew a knife/gun or some variation of self defence.

    There is of course that old miltary addage that if you were innocent you wouldn't be on a charge.

    But thanks for the post JJ, will be an interesting story to follow.
  5. Strange pic -- the guy in blue is a RCAF Sqn Ldr. So who is the Captain referred to in the story being "escorted in".
  6. I was hoping someone could clarify as well. He certainly doesn't "look the part" if he is the unfortunate accused. Perhaps his judge advocate?
  7. CQMS


    As it's an ongoing case do you think it appropriate to discuss it here?
  8. kabulronin

    kabulronin War Hero

    I think the guy in the very back of the picture may be the accused. Green uniform, wings, etc
  9. western

    western Crow

    it's not that difficult, which one isn't wearing a red beret or in air force uniform?
  10. western

    western Crow

    Why not?
  11. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    This is Sub Judice - end this debate here.
  12. kabulronin

    kabulronin War Hero

    Quite agree Western, we are hardly like to influence the court are we....

    M'Lud, KabulRonin from ARRSE thinks the accused should be released.

    Good idea Mr Defence Lawyer, you, MP person, see to it at once.

    Cant really see it myself.
  13. I merely posted as a news item. I would hope that comments are qualified as to his guilt but the larger issues are germane I believe. If one scans the subjects on the various forums one sees many that involve ongoing matters that have not been finally resolved.

    Again, however, if there is a forum rule against such posts I apologize.
  14. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    'In England and Wales, New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan and Canada it is generally considered inappropriate to comment publicly on cases sub judice, which can be an offence in itself, leading to contempt of court proceedings. This is particularly true in criminal cases, where publicly discussing cases sub judice may constitute interference with due process'.

    Wise up.
  15. kabulronin

    kabulronin War Hero

    But I'm not in any of those countries.

    Are you a Canuck Josey Wales?