former TA soldier found guilty of killing landlady

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fusilier50, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. this thread was not intended for the naafi.

    this was a a serious post that was hijacked by individuals with their own agendas.

    i do not understand why it was moved here by the mod's instead of them dealing with those who crayoned all over what could have been an informative thread.

    i have therefore deleted my original post.
  2. His diagnosis seems to have come through after his service, a bit like the hacker Gary McKimmon, who was only diagnosed after his arrest.
    I have a close relative with quite distinct autism, so I am familiar with the symptoms. I also help at at recruit selection. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that a number of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder do get through the system. However, most of these are borderline- It is a variable spectrum, not a shit-or-bust, got -it-or-haven't condition. If the individual KNOWS he has the condition, you are quite right-He's automatically rejected. If he doesn't know, and can get through the tests-He's in.

    Indeed, I suspect that almost everyone who has served has worked alongside one. They are often the slightly odd, slightly detached, easily distracted, easily fixated geeks that shine at signals, Intelligence, photo-interpretation and other non-human subjects, but can't put their rifle sling on.

    I don't think that there's a lot of research done on PTSD on people with other underlying existing mental conditions. All I can say is it's not going to make the existing condition better, but the exact mechanism by which it makes it worse is really one for the medics.

    I imagine that an undiagnosed soldier, TA or other, that witnesses an 'event' would be treated just the same as any other soldier. Whether that is appropriate is yet another matter, but an individuals needs are really between him and his doctor-the problem here is that many ASD patients are incredibly unforthcoming-They literally don't know that what they feel is different to how the bulk of humainty feels- Their empathy is so low, and their social and conversational skills so poor, that they just won't or can't explain if they are injured, upset, or confused. As children, they just throw tantrums or withdraw into themselves.
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  3. 3 head shots, no ND, he was definitely not in the AMS.

    Autistic, PTSD and the landlady called him stupid.

    I bet you a wet inco pad he's RLC.

  4. That is because they are born without souls. Seems heaven has run out. A shame, really.
  5. Indeed, when I was an OC Sqn I had a LCpl who had an ASD - he was/is an excellent chap who was both loyal and hardworking. I never had any doubts about his trustworthiness or reliability but he was definitely on the autistic spectrum. Was he a danger to himself or others? Only when driving, so he didn't drive, although whether or not his poor driving was down to his ASD or not, only the MO was qualified to say.
  6. 4 YORKS and apparently was a fairly obvious mental before he deployed.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    He's never been anything but a civilian. A Deployed hobbyist at best (so better than BravoBravo) but still a civilian.
  8. Being a member the TA is enough to give you aspergers.

    Joking aside, does this kind of thing happen in the regulars? I always found TA recruitment to be fairly lax in some places compared to what I imagined it would be like for a soldier. Some folk must surely struggle to pass basic fitness alone but they're still there so I can imagine that a bit of a mental bugger wouldn't have too much trouble.
  9. Me to a t almost
  10. 'One Army' now. In the old days units would and could send anything up, but its a lot more structured now. The intial process is the same as a regular recruit. The other point to note is that many ASD types are acually very good at academic subjects-In fact, probably more literate, numerate, and highly qualified than many 'normal' people. They can soak up lessons easily. Their basic fitness isn't adversely affected- In fact, if the ritual tendencies become locked into physical training, they can become literally compulsive gym rats.Their weakness is usually in physical hand-eye co-ordination and team sports.

    The problem with the lad in this story was that in his day job he had access to firearms. If he hadn't, he would probably have just been quietly sectioned, and nothing more would have been heard.
  11. Firstly why isn't it headlined GAMEFARMER KILLS LANDLADY seeing thats what he was and where he got his shot gun from, he left the TA by the sounds of things in 2009 after a tour of Herrick. I can't remember having too many shot guns laying around both in the Regulars and sure the TA have the same rules. Regarding Army medicals the TA will find out that they along with the rest of the application will be extremely similar to that of a Regular soldier and he was refused to join the Regulars, how the hell he passed his medical for the TA with Aspergers is shocking.

  12. Give your fucking head a wobble!!!
    As for the one army shit. I plan on walking into random jobs and asking if I can take over whatever it is that they do and lay off half the trained workforce. Seems to be the in thing.
  13. Dont you mean former 'army reservist'?
  14. Sorry- My head started wobbling a long time ago. Roughly about the time we were told we were 'One Army', and shortly before all our vehicles, radios, and MTDs were taken away. (Note- When you see that phrase used around here, it's usually dripping with irony.)

    Been on the DTTT course lately? I have. Attended Crowborough on many recent recruit selection weekends? I have. Units are still sending up some pretty weird fish though.-And I strongly suspect that's going to get worse. At a recent study day, we were informed that the mighty outsourcing gods of Capita are now going to be doing a lot of recruiting for the Army. Do you want fries with that?
  15. So when an ACF instructor buggers some woman is that going to read former British soldier as well?

    Boils my piss the fact that part time "soldiers" see it as their primary job when in fact they should have bounty hunter plastered on their head!!!