Former TA Soldier, 46, kept a working 3 ft ROCKET LAUNCHER under his bed..

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HE117, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. So he couldn't use it to destroy a tank hidden under his bed?
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  2. I like this bit,

    "a judge said it could in fact have been lethal 'if it fell into the wrong hands".

    What was he going to do, beat someone to death with it?
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  3. You could make one heck of a bong out of that 66:)
  4. Arent these one shot, disposable weapons? If so then surely it was fired before ao therefore deactivated some what.

    Can these be reloaded (I presume the original factory might?)
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  5. Why wasnt he arrested for having a ******* tank under his bed?
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  6. I usually have a tank on my bed rather than under it.
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  7. because it was hidden
  8. our tank is in the attic !!
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  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I have a couple of tanks in my airing cupboard at the bottom of the bed but I don't expect a knock on the door any time soon. (Only just fixed a leak from one of them.)
  10. Yes, but you need a supply of missiles.

    The sub-calibre training device was a tube that fitted inside the 66mm; reloading involved unscrewing a plate at the end of the 66mm and fitting in the end of the fuse-type thing on the missile.

    I'm surprised that having one of those could be construed as being a firearms offence, there are no load-bearing parts, all the propellant, warhead and pressure parts are in the missile. A bit of drain pipe would be equally (in)capable of launching a missile.
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  11. And if you fired a 66mm from under your bed, it would still miss both of them.
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  12. WTF?

    What next, you can't buy one of those keyrings made of a round because it would be dangerous if you put some propellant in it and a percussion cap and stuck it in a magazine and actually had a rifle capable of ******* firing the ******* thing

    As someone's already pointed out, it's a ******* fibreglass tube.
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  13. If it's deactivated then the judge is an even bigger prick than the average for his breed. So, as has already been said, is this bloke's defence brief.

    You can reload a 66mm, but only if you have an unfired 66mm missile and both nerves and balls of brass - so unless you work in the factory and can get hold of said missile it's all a bit pointless really.

    I know en ex-reg from Cardiff who claimed he'd walked out of the service with an 84mm and a few rounds, but he was a wind-up merchant anyway.

    If he had a tank under his bed then the ladder to get into the bed would have been a give-away, wouldn't it.