Former Speaker, Michael Martin becomes a Baron

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mysteron, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Former Speaker, Michael Martin becomes a Baron (kept that quiet Cyclops).

    Clickity Click

    Is there nothing that this bunch of bellends will not do that is utterly immoral?

    This man was at the heart of attempting to cover up the expenses scandal and singularly resisted any attempt at access - even the peers oppose it.

    I shall go and have a stiff drink methinks. I knew it was bad, but not this bad (my glass normally being half full and all!)

    Edited for spellung misstook.
  2. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Not just the expenses scandal but permitting police to enter the HoC.

    The first speaker in 300 years to be forced from office, and he gets a peerage. Its an abomination. Brown (and Mandelson) have used the peerage system to get themselves into government and also their cronies, Darzi, Sugar for example, into power.

    I have no objection for a longstanding MP who has served with distinction going to the HoL to act as a check and balance to whatever excesses of the govenrment of the time. I do object to the HoL being used as a back door to get people into govenrment that no one would vote for.

    The scariest thing is when Mandelson's answer to not being allowed to be PM is just to change the law to allow peers to enter the HoC. If he does that then its the point where a march on London with intent to overthrow the government has to happen.

    NB... Ask Boris to strengthen the street lamps around Westminster. They may be required to bear unusual loads, such as fat scottish people.
  3. All very predictable, after all, Cyclops McLoon wants to 'pack' his 'placemen' into the Lords..... My liege Baron Martin of Fockiet Manor (all allegedl of course), will be in good company with the My Lord Kinockio and My Lady Baroness Kinochio... along with my Liege Lord, Peter Meddlesome of 'Some or Other Counties'.(all allegedly of course of course)....

    I wonder who will recommend McLoon for a Peerage when he is kicked into the long grass of History within the next 9 months.... Well rewarded for their incompetence, politcal carpet-bagging and mendacious ways..... History, hopefully, will have many negatives things to tell about Teflon B'Liar, McLoon, Mr Mandelpratt, and many others.... Definately the worst ever government since post WW2 Britian.... something not to brag about...

    And now once reads that the MoD is curtailing the 'Live Firing' of Soldier under training for their annual Range Classifications..... how sad is this?

    The MoD, along with all those New labour pratts got us into these wars.... and they are now still fekin' about with trying to save a few Pennies here and there, but still will to give hundreds of millions of pounds in overseas aid to other countries to prop up their Military and Science projects.... of course the Military get feked over again and again...

    So much for Mc Loons lies about...'The Military will receive whatever they require...'

    Proper training of Service Personnel is far to important to left to the likes of McLoon, Bob Aintoworthtit... and other.... :? :x

    Oops.... sorry ... rant over....
  4. What an awesome reward for failure. How very 'New' Labour 8O
  5. I'm not sure what more they could do to reignite the ire of the public. Baron Brady of Saddleworth Moor perhaps?
  6. Words fail me.
    There is obviously no shame in Westminster
  7. I'm afraid you give "the public" too much credit. Remember that a sizeable minority owe their comfortable lifestyles to ZANU-NL; the thousands of Public Sector workers in non-jobs(anything that includes the words Diversity or Equality in the title)for a start.

    Then there are the millions of Jeremy Kyles who live off the Benefit System warped by ZANU into a massive vote-buying scheme; the Jeremy's know perfectly well that the Tories in power mean their Benefits will be slashed and burned. So they will get their fat, disgusting bodies off the sofa and waddle out to vote for another 5 years of watching daytime tv.

    Bottom line: if you're waiting for The Public to get rid of Cyclops and chums - don't hold your breath. :evil:
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Weerwolf - whilst I wish what you said was untrue......... I just hope those feckwits don't have the gumption to get of the arrses and yank themselves away from Daytime TV to vote.
  9. If it makes you feel any better, I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong.

    Of course, I have'nt even mentioned ZANU-Labour's massive corruption: Postal Voting, anyone? :wink:

    And all this is the best-case scenario: that we actually HAVE a general election. Worst case is Mandy, the Princess of Darkness, finds a good enough excuse to suspend the democratic process "For the duration of the Emergancy..." :twisted:
  10. Jeffrey Archer - who incidentally has never claimed any expenses in the Lords - looks a model of rectitude compared to most of the Zanu NL halfwits in there. Charles I must be turning in his grave.
  11. Perhaps The Queen should just say, "No". She could, couldn't she? Then again, that would rather spoil the Royal tradition of handing out peerages to all sorts of disreputable rogues. Perhaps we should just look upon it as one of those quaint British traditions and leave it at that.
  12. I thought he was a c(o)unt already.
  13. Previously there was a cash for titles affair and now the title for cash....

    There was an anecdote in Russia invented just after the revolution happened 1917.

    A boy asks a Grandfather
    - Why there are so tall walls in the Kremlin?
    - agains thieves.
    - thives from inside or outside?
  14. :D Please keep those Russian jokes coming.
  15. It's a sad state when the Russian jokes are facts in Westminster