Former soldier to stand for Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jaeger, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. I thought that fellow ARRSER'S might be interested and pleased to hear that a good friend of mine, ex-Sergeant Keith Girling (late Grenadier Guards :salut: ) was last night selected to contest the Labour-held seat of Bassetlaw in north Notts for the Conservative party at the next general election !!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: .

    He's worked alongside Patrick Mercer MP (Newark) for several years and it was Patrick who persuaded him to apply for selection as a candidate. He's a top bloke, physically imposing (as you might expect! ) with a great sense of humour and bags of common sense and it would be great were he to be elected, another MP with real, first-hand knowledge of the Army could only be a good thing.
    I'm sure many people on this site will join me in wishing Keith the very best of luck in the coming battle. Go Keith!!! :boogie:
  2. :clap: Well done that man! :clap:

    Shame that I'm based in London, he'd have my vote for sure!
  3. Good effort that man
  4. This is the 1st time iv known of an ex-soldier becoming an MP, (if there have been others then feel free to put my right) but, if he is the 1st, IT ABOUT TIME :clap: :salut: :thumright: :judge: :excited:

    if i lived there, he would get my vote...
  5. In case it tips the balance, which battalion was he in ?.

    Notts a long-standing recruiting area for the 3rd Bn, but he may need the younger voters too.
  6. Jaeger, was he ever an assistant to any MP's in Essex. IIRC I met him at a Rugby Club do? If its the same guy - top notch fella!
  7. Good work that man, stick it to Neu Arbeit.
  8. Good luck to the guy but I wouldn't hold my breath - poor guy has a majority of nearly 11,000 to overturn. Now if He had gone for Colchester, Bob Russells seat . . . . . .
  9. Good work Sgt Girling!
  10. Martin Bell? Even, God help us - Ted Heath. I seem to think Fatty Soames once wore pink corderoys?
  11. Bit of a mountain to climb.... 11,000 votes, but I wish him all the best!

  12. Best of luck to him but, he will have to tow the party line if he wants to get on as an MP with the Tories are are all MP's no matter what party.Unfortunately party politics stink in this country.
  13. As a Grenadier he knows what is required ....... Turn right, and gain height !!
  14. He was I believe originally in 2GG then IGG, I wasn't aware that the Grenadiers had a 3rd Bn after about 1945 or so?

    Rickshaw-major wrote:

    Don't think so, he's lived in and around Notts for quite a long time now and only became involved in politics in the past 8-10 years as far as I know.

    Litotes wrote:

    True, it's been a Labour seat since 1908, but the sitting MP, whose name escapes me, was "parachuted in" and is not a local man, unlike Keith. Another advantage is that about 3000 of those have been lost to him because of recent boundary changes, it all helps!! Not only that but he's passd the All Arms Drill Course and Senior Brecon, what more do you need? :lol: :lol:
  15. Eric Joyce MP, Neu Arbeit - ex AGC(ETS) - so possibly not a soldier as we know it, though I think he also served as a jock in the Black Watch.