"Former Soldier Seeks Employment" by John Miller

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Bushmills, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. I am currently reading a jumble sale copy of "Former Soldier Seeks Employment" by John Miller .John, former Scots Guards, was the chap who Kidnapped Ronnie Biggs from Brazil in 1981. However, in the book Miller also claims to:
    • Have managed punk bands
    • Freed a millionaires daughter from a cult
    • Led a failed military coup in South America
    • Worked with "them" in NI.

    Wondered how much of the book is fiction, how much was true and what heppened to John after the Biggs incident?
    Former Soldier Seeks Employment: Amazon.co.uk: John Miller: Books

  2. I have a memory that John Miller was involved, from the sanctuary of an office in Camberley, in recruiting the, mostly inept, mercenaries for Angola.

    While I would shed no tears over the fate of 'Col Callan' and nobody forces any one to become mercenaries, if my recall is correct, Miller has the responsibility for the recruiting and subsequent ignominious deaths of some mis-guided guys who should never have been selected for mercenaries in the first place.
  3. T-50, I think you are confusing John Miller with John Banks. The former is a likeable enough character who as the OP has pointed out is very much an 'entrepreneur' around old London town.
    I'd suggest the fiction factor outweighs the fact factor in JM's musings. We all got to make a living of course and in JM's case that's forgiveable. Not seen him about since his 'School Dinners' enterprise was looking shakey.
  4. Hmm........school dinners. Same early 90's outfit in the City?

    Made for a very long lunch........but so dependent on quality of the livestock.
  5. The very one and more recently had a short life at a venue just off Oxford Street. On a another theme to save me pm'ing, I'll get the other book to you pdq. I'm just back in London after a few week away.
  6. AL, I'm indebited to you- of course it was John Banks, It rang a big bell at your mention of his name and I owe JM an apology.

    I believe the Camberley company was called Security Advisory Services or similar, certainly the acronym was SAS.

    A friend of mine had recruited one of the executed mercenaries into the Army, and was a bit cut up when he'd heard of his demise as he'd given him a leg-up in order to get in (as recruiters sometimes do!). It was the one who was shot seated as he'd had a leg amputated-Andrew ?, ex-Para Regt from Swindon.
  7. No worries mate, no hurry, we can grab a bite when you've settled back in.

    Keep punching.
  8. I know the gent RIP. I see one of the London based survivors of that affair who did time in a Mozambique jail for a period of years. He had a few inches taken off one of his femurs as the result of a gun shot wound. He rather luckily was reconstructed by a Cuban surgeon.