Former soldier kicked to death

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shaka, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. The scum should be dressed in day-glo vests and sent to Helmand for use as target markers. end of.
  2. Or sent to prison in Belize City.
  3. They should be placed on an island with the rest of their kind so that they can demonstrate to each other why 'civilised behaviour' really isn't such a bad thing after all.
  4. When they get released from nick, arrse should be there waiting.
  5. Targets will fall when hit... :evil:
  6. I'll bet the lawyers have used the fact that it was not just their actions that led to his death. I will wait to hear what the outcome is of this but I hope sense prevails and they go down for a very long time.

  7. I know people always say give him a kicking and comment how bad this is etc....

    But this really is blood boiling, really....Seeing these maggots covering up as they exit court, all over a f*ckin phone... :x

    And yes, we always say what can be done, but what can be done? F*ck the goverment, there not going to do s*it in this lifetime. :x
  8. Bring back flogging, birch and hanging.

    I would happily join any death squad that is being considered. Don't tell work though they don't like aggression only fluffy stuff.
  9. Reading through the report from the trial, this pair of lying cnuts deserve a slow and very painful remainder to their lives.
  10. ANYONE who kicks another person in the head whilst they are lying on the ground should get life - and when I say life I do mean never allowed out
  11. I agree.

    With cases like this they nearly always get manslaughter (8 years?), keeps the conviction rate up instead of trying for murder. Such is the state of this country.

    Also, if its is more than one on one person and the one person dies (as in this case) then that should be treated as murder as well (the murder weapon is the actual numbers of people). I thank the law sucks, trying to prove who delivered the fatal blow rather than doing them all for murder.
  12. What were the witnesses doing?! Just standing there watching someone getting kicked in the head. Fcukers!
  13. There must be an arrser who works in the prison service, so in 8 yrs time he posts up their release details and we go and meet them...with a claw hammer.
  14. Consider it done!!