Former soldier and wife commit suicide

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Joker62, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. The front page of the Metro this morning is carrying a story about a former soldier and his wife committing suicide due to the level of poverty they existed in. Can't provide a link due to using my mobile but am sure someone will post it.

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  2. Link

    Poor ******* look like they were let down big time.
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  3. Sounds to me like they failed at life and did the honourable thing. If only the rest of the freeloading masses would take their lead.
  4. That's a bit harsh. The welfare system is there to help people like them and not the free-loading masses. Although it doesn't seem like it at times.
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  5. There was a chef in Netheravon in the 80s, got done for stealing food from the cookhouse, the cheif cook and bottlewasher had him charged & fined (even though he knew the chef was financially in the shit, apart of the punishment was two weeks ROPs (as I featured on guard alot) I seen and had the criac with him, he took his punishment like a man no complaints just got on with it, he finished his ROPs, himself and his mrs took themselves of to Cornwall for a weekend and gased themselves.

    Yes he got himself in the shite, he took his punishment, but no help from the regiment was given. (we only found out about his financial probs after the inquest)

    Looks like Mark & Helen Mullins were let down by a system that was meant to protect them!
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  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Save it for the Naafi.
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  7. DD they were probably too Honest for there own good, the DHSS punishes Savers and people who fill their forms out without knowing the system.
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  8. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Lost their child, then living on 50 quid a week? What a tragedy that people in the UK are reduced to this.
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  9. I'm trying to read into what you've said, but, I've gotta agree with the 'explosive one' here - a bit harsh. Sometimes, it today's fast moving society there are genuine cases where people in your words - fail, or aren't equipped to handle what life throws up at them, maybe a sense of compassion, and understanding is all that is needed to help them get back on track.
  10. The problem with the benefits system is that those who actually need and deserve it cant access it while the "professional" unemployed know the system back to front and milk it for all it is worth.

    It does seem thatthe social services must have been aware of this couple's plight and that they were badly let down. It does, however, seem that they themselves may have failed to correctly identify agencies that would have helped them. I am sure that relevant Corps/Regimental Associations and/or the RBL etc could/would have assisted. Sometimes people are too proud to ask for help.
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  11. May they both rest in peace; and may their child be PROPERLY supported and helped.
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  12. Looks like he was too proud for his own good. RIP.
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  13. Are people not being blinded by the "Veteran factor" here Although what the **** is a PE instructor? The article also said they was "terrified" the missus was going to be sectioned, suffered from health setbacks and that the daughter had been taken into care (because the woman was deemed unfit to look after her). So why is the headline about poverty and whatever his previous service was?
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  14. How can this happen in a modern country, 95 years ago people beleived that we would create a land fit for heroes, a truly truly shocking news report. Other people arrive here contribute nothing and live like Kings, how will the poor child cope with this news.
    A proud ex Soldier who did his best. R.I.P.

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