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Former Service Medical Records


I’m ex RN, just in process of filling out TA forms, interested to know if the army will be accessing my old RN medical forms.

Not registered with a GP so only place I know that has any details of my health record is RN, bit worried as I had a head injury while serving.

It didn’t get me kicked out but was pretty bad. Not actually seen the records myself so I’m pretty much in the dark as to what’s on them.
The checked mine when I transferred within the TA.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. You'll probably find you're worrying over nothing.
Recently joined TA . Had spent 12 years in Crab Air. TA requested my docs and they were released to TA in a matter of weeks.
Your old service medical records are held at Glasgow, they will release them once requested.
Hi mate

rejoined Ta after 10 year absence, applied to Glasgow for Medical reports etc... after several weeks came back.. empty.. apparently after 5 years or so the records are destroyed... (this what I was told)..
theoriginalphantom said:
Your old service medical records are held at Glasgow, they will release them once requested.
Your actual docs are stored near Uxbridge in an old ammo factory got nearly everyone's since WW1 there.
They will request them and they *should* still be available. If you've not had to see a doctor in 15 years you should have no problem :)
Taggs101 said:
Also I've been out 15 years, will the RN still have them on record ?
Yes they will have, you should have a computerised record. I've never heard of any of these being removed, they are being archived off but they will be accessible by the main medical application within a year.

p.s. unmobilised reservists are not on this system.

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