Former SAS Officer named as middleman in MPs Expenses scand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mutineer, May 23, 2009.

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  1. No black nasty ?,bad drills.
    Is there a book deal in it for him?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Gentleman's name is Mark Wick.

    His video interview with the Telegraph can be found here: John-Wick-on-why-he-set-the-scandal-running

    It is an excellent interview, and I certainly cannot fault one single word of his argument, nor the position of the Telegraph in this story.

    This chap will know better than most the risks associated with abuses of power, and what that can mean to a people.

    Here's the printed story:


    Not only does Parliament need to punish those responsible for fraud, and for bringing down the name of our democracy, but each and every one of our MPs needs to take a close, hard look at Mr Wicks in order to learn something about honesty, decency, strength of character and an obligation to a MUCH higher personal moral standard.

    It seems that he has, for the greater public good, cut his nose off despite his face. For the greater good of the UK and our deal with democracy, he has upset everyone in power and more out of power so that the people of this nation are somewhat better armed and hopefully protected from the excesses that go hand in hand with abuse of power. I'd call that a pretty selfless act.
  3. It's good that he's so modest too:

    Mr Wick said: “I have played my part in history.

    No doubt we will see and hear more of this man and his motivation.
  4. If his main motivation was money then guess what - very few people will care!
  5. Well Done John Wick, we are all better off because of his actions, the public have every right to know what is going on with those elected into parliament. And as for the one-eyed muppet saying that an independant body will conduct their affairs from now on is bloody joke, their hands will be tied behind their backs from the start. and no presecutions will ever follow. but cheers. john wick
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh come on Ashie - it's not like he's claimed to have saved the world now is it?

    Just another point Ashie - He very much HAS played a significant part in history. Thanks to the efforts of this man, the sheet metal worker has been pushed onto his sword (ish), the first time in three hundred years. Pretty historical in anyone's book.

    Thanks to the mediations of this man, the corruption of the 'Mother of Parliaments' is a global news story. Pretty historic stuff.

    Unlike Broon, this man is perfectly entitled to claim that he's pplayed a part in something pretty historic. It's NOT an exaggeration.
  7. I can't help thinking that this whole thing is good for Britian. All claims on public money should be published and it seems that most MPs now agree. Good. The EU parliament should be next.

    Oh, and its all given me quite a few laughs as well.
  8. Aye, spot on there mate, we have all read about the Euro Mep's who have been taking the piss on expenses for years so lets start with the Kinnocks.!
  9. No doubt we will hear more from a mouth like you, since the man is a Conservative.

    Put your politics aside and condemn (almost all) MP's for the greedy self serving swine that they are, whatever the colour of their party.
  10. Oh Broon can cmake some claims that he's palyed a part in history alright - he has fcuked the UK on a grand scale :evil:
  11. Ashie doesn't like leakers, unless of course they are leakers to his side of politics, Brown was a recipient of many leaks in his time on the opposition benches, which was ok in his books.

    Its a pity for Ashie that the Police are no longer looking to prosecute anybody in relation to the leak, which is good in my book, for it allows them to concentrate their time on the real crooks like Smith, McNulty, Morley and the other cnut that was claiming for his mortgage that didnt exist. Hopefully the nice Mr Straw has reserved places in the prison system for those MP's who have been thieving and defrauding the taxpayer.

    Good drills on the part of Mark Wick, if this wasnt brought into the open we would have been fobbed off with a very limited resume of MP's thievery.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Stupidity: "Gordon Brown is the right man to see us through this crisis"
    (C) Ashie 2009

    Hubris: "I have saved the world"
    (C) Gordon Brown 2009

    Modesty: "I have played a part in history"
    (C) Mr Wicks 2009
  13. Well done Mr Wicks

    We salute you sir!