Former SAS man auctions medals for £120 000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BiGbAddAbOOm, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Only for shed loads of cash

  1. Saw this on BBC Wales news site this morning


    Interesting life this gentleman lived :)

  2. If I needed the money I would, though obviously only once I'm a civvy considering it's an offence to sell them whilst serving. They can be easily be replaced with ones that look similar. The medals themselves don't mean that much, but the experiences good and bad behind them can never be sold (unless you write a book!).
  3. saw these on the auction site the other day, the write up was a good read
  4. Outstanding career!!

    It seems that the auctioned medals were replaced at one time and that two lots of medals were sold, the originals and the replacements.

    I expect that if a single set ever comes back on the market, the collectors would be on their guard :)
  5. No doubt picked up by Lord Ashcroft.

    Now that he has a significant portion of all the VC's ever awarded (over 10%?) I think he has shifted his focus to gallantry awards to the Special Forces.
  6. Whats the novelty in buying medals? I don't understand why you'd want to buy something that was awarded to someone else, particularly someone you don't even know.

    I'll bet he'll be having an awesome retirement party with 120k mind!
  7. I know if I sold mine, I would be hard pressed to get in the 30-40 euros region....
  8. Ken Connor described the action at the Shershitti Caves in his book - 'Ghost Force'

    One of the destinations of the camel trains, the Shershitti Caves, a rebel bastion and arms store, had defied the best attempts of the Iranians and the Sultan's Armed Forces to take it. An Iranian assault had been beaten off and a subsequent combined assault by a batallion of SAF troops backed by the SAS and firqat was also fruitless..............................................................

    After the combined brainpower of the officers of the SAS, SAF and Iranian forces had failed to find a solution to the problem, an SAS trooper produced an answer. Instead of a frontal assault on the caves, his proposal was simply to shell the rebels out of them. Recoilless guns borrowed from the Iranians were used at first, but a rough track was then bulldozed to a nearby vantage point, bringing the caves within range of the Saracen armoured cars. Fire from their 75mm guns proved sufficient to deny the enemy use of the caves and the surrounding network of tracks for the rest of the conflict.

    The crews of the Saracens - Omani soldiers with British officers and NCO's did a magnificient job throughout the conflict, providing mobile heavy weapon support wherever it was needed, without question. If it was possible for a vehicle to reach an area, they would be there.
  9. Oh I don't know, the 1939 - 45 drop your gun and runaway star is worth about 45 of your strange little Europounds. So there is some worth in medals issued from Euroland.

    What I find rather sad is that more than half of the respondants think so little of their medals that they would be happy to flog them off.
  10. You forgot an option on the poll: I'm a cold war warrior and don't have any gongs, and even if I did have the NDM, there's no way I'd ever sell it.

    There's my vote....
  11. I wondered if Ashcroft had bought these.

    At least the money is going to the families of those honoured

  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder if James Shortt bid for them - they would have looked nice alongside the rest of his unearned stuff.
  13. There's a chap I know who's got the GM, QGM and Bar who I believe is still serving. I imagine he'd get a few quid for that lot if he ever decided to flog them (which I doubt he would).
  14. A small chap believe was my first Tp Sgt