Former SAS commander Accuses Ministers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. A former SAS commander has accused the Government of failing to be honest to the military or the public about resources for British troops in Afghanistan.

    Retired Brigadier Aldwin Wight claimed ministers saw their role "as actually to spin this issue rather than be honest about it". He told ITN: "I just don't think they're being honest. I don't think they're being honest with themselves, with the Armed Forces or with the public.
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  2. Sums it up in a sentence. Their motivation is the Labour Party, not the country.
  3. The gravity of an SF officer coming out will be lost on them, nice try though
  4. It's happened before and it'll happen again, but it won't be lost on Joe Public. Anything relating to THEM makes headlines and it's one more round through the figure 11 which labour have become.
  5. When a high ranking Ex SAS commander brakes silence and speaks out in public, there is some serious anger from within the Armed forces towards the governments strategy on this war. In plain English ----- This war has gone pear shaped, and good blokes are being killed, under the command of Gorden Browns bullshit strategy of spin.
  6. Thank you, your highly intelligent and well informed comment has been noted.

    I refer you to the response given in Arkell v Pressdram.
  7. How many times have we heard this comment now?

    The discussion on additional troops and the numbers of helicopters should be exposed, he said.

    This Government, well Mr Brown & Co refuse to accept they've failed on this issue, more & more Snr officers are speaking out but when will ministers take any notice????

    The government will continue to take a constant battering over the issue for some time to come, but their more focused on the closer home issues of "swine flu"
  8. Because that little matter could well strike them on their own doorstep, but the likelihood of one of them going on an operational tour of Afghanistan or one of their kids and coming back wounded, limbless or crippled is negligable(?).
  9. Swine flue is an issue because it distracts focus from the Government and can't be blamed on them. Brown also no doubt sees it as his opportunity to lead the country through a national crisis and win us all over in time for the election.
  10. Saw Brig Wight on the ITN news last night, gave an outstanding interview and I doff my cap to him for raising his head above the parapet on our behalf.

    Why do men like him not become PM?
  11. Swine flu appears to be something that the government can panic the majority of the population into thinking that the government is able to cope with the big issues.

    Getting the public to engage in support of the government on ops like HERRICK, is neither in the government's interest, or a direction that Brown will take anytime soon.

    Brown really is making a pigs ear of his premiership.

  12. My bold - They don't possess the natural mendacious streak in their character, so necessary if one is going to survive in the Palace of Westminster in these times.
    He's particularly disadvantaged as he didn't get embroiled in student politics or local council agendas, took up up a particularly difficult profession which he made a success of, was never a third rate somebody in the legal profession nor did his dad ever write books on socialist ideology and ensure it was some other dumb fcuker's role to fight for their country. There's more, but I'm running out of breath.................
  13. Having balls and spine might explain it too.

    This is no insult towards PM Thatcher, who had excess of both. 8)

  14. He's an all round good egg who I had the pleasure of working with in 03 in the sandpit. Before it all went pete tong he gave an interview in the UK predicting how it would all go south for the coalition in Iraq-all came true. Besides, any boss who mans the roof during a stand to at 0300 wearing only a sarong and an AK is fine by me!
  15. My bold - Hmnnnn, I see him in a career executive role in Aegis, Olive or CR :D