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The following was sent to my Website by the daughter of a former Royal Engineer, she has tried everything and like her message says, she now finds herself turning to her RE Family for help. This is obviously a serious Post so it would be appreciated if only serious posts are added to it (please help with this the MODs? maybe a sticky also?). It would be a tremendous thing if she was actually helped by serving or former members of the Royal Engineers!!! lets show everyone that Sappers really do have a heart under that hardened exterior... Any genuine offers of help please PM me and I will pass on Claire's contact details, Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and many thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help in anyway.

"British Mother & Daughter need help in USA

Hello all of my Dads former Buddies. My Dad is a former Royal Engineer and served in various Units including 49Sqn 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) (his nickname was scratter). I am looking for some help from the USA. My daughter was taken from me from a politically corrupt Family over here and I need to raise at least $4500.00 (about 3000 pounds) to get her back. If you would like to read our story you can go to or www.telegraph& Just type in Claire Thompson in the archive section and it will bring up all of the stories. My Dad has also tried to help by telling the newspapers our story, but no body seems to care or isn't listening, so I find myself turning to my RE Family for help. I am a GOOD MOTHER, but my ex sent us back to England in 2001 because I would not put up with his drugs or his controlling Family. even took us to Chicago Airport and gave me &1800!,6 months later he charged me with child abduction!!! My Home Country would not protect us because of the Hague Convention, yet they protect terrorists right!???? How messed up is that?. I would do anything for my little girl (she is now 5 yrs old). I have no other option than to stay here like a prisoner at the moment, I will not leave my little girl. I only get to see her every two weeks, and she is devastated. The Attorney (Lawyer)I have found is awesome, he has looked at the paperwork and asked how the hell my ex ( a drug user and son of a former County Sheriff) could have got away with this. It was all about who they knew. They tried saying some terrible things about me to get me to fold and return to England without my little girl. I AM A SAPPERS DAUGHTER, I will not fold I will not stop fighting, but I am slowly running out of steam. Can anybody help??. If you would like more info you can call my Dad Danny T. (Scratter Chatham, Hanmlyn, Cyprus, Aden, Falklands) **PM me ' Gundulph' for number**.....we need a hero....and soon. God Bless Claire-Marie T.. XXX We are waiting for a miracle and hope that it may be in the form of a RE Soldier."
sh1t, i cant help in any other way than a small donation - will this help? can we all chip a bit in, just like the arrse donation?

let me know - sorry i cant do more


Tried to access those links. The Burton one doesn't show anything like this and the other one cannot be opened. You lads sure that this is genuine?

Are you going to speak to the MOD's to see if we can use the aarse paypal system to see if we can raise a few quid for this woman, even if fello arrser's don't want to, then those of us Sappers who desire need some where to send the money.

the archive in the burton link seems to work (look up claire thompson) - maybe it is suspect but on the off chance it will make a difference £10 doesnt seem to much to lose.

if she has an email address and signs up to paypal, then any other paypal user can send directly to her - some feedback needed on those details please
There's a wee bit in here as well, the US family sound like a Fakin nightmare

"Her former husband, Jamie Joseph Moncada, 34, is the son of former Waukesha County Sheriff Arnold A. Moncada."

Knowing what these SHEEERIFFS are like, it's little wonder little wonder that Marie is struggling.

Milwaukee post
Not being too cynical here but as she has lost the appeal and now can but attempt to get the Hague convention changed, what is this cash going to be used for? Looking at the articles, she need the money last year....



Suggest that the RE Benevolent Fund, SSAFA, and RBL would be good starting points. Whilst not wanting to doubt the authenticity of this appeal these organisations have mechanisms for varifying the scale of need.

have to go with the flow here, really need more info before we all start to hand over the readies. sure that if it is all legitimate there will be plenty of people willing to contribute a couple of coppers here & there.
Wow! An excellent response from everyone who has posted here and thank you to the usual pranksters for understanding the seriousness of this, she posted to a Website I co-run, the Hard EOD Cafe, and wrote a personal message, giving details of her Father etc. it certainly isn't iffy, I took her own and her Fathers' numbers from the message and altered it slightly before placing it on here for her own personal security, maybe it would be a good idea if I asked her to sign up to Arrse and place a message on here herself? anyone any thoughts? it touched a small part of this cold former Sapper's heart mainly as I have a fairly newish tot myself, it's great to see so many of you feel the same way and it would indeed be a fantastic thing for her to get the help her family so desperately need from her Fathers 'other' Family... "The" Corps... Good on you gents, I believe she will get the help she needs here in the ARRSE Site... MODS if you have read any of this could you make any suggestions, help with a Paypal button or sticky it in the index or something?
HI Gundolph,

Wow, I really dont know what to say. I have had more of a response from you in the last day than I have had in the last couple of years. I have an account with paypal, I tried selling some things on e-bay to try and raise money to no avail, I didn't have much. My paypal is set-up and VERIFIED under . I can also give you my Mother's telephone number. (can be gotten off Gundolph or Claire-Marie). She is a nurse at Queen's Hospital in Burton-Upon-Trent. That is where alot of the stories went on the front page, The Burton Mail. I went onto ARSSE and read some of the comments, it's ashame that people maybe don't believe your story!. I can give you numbers to anyone you need. I will first tell you that David Powles is the Journalist at The BurtonMail that did all of our stories on there, as a Journalist he had to do some investigating before he could write anything down, I have been in contact with him for the past 3 years, you are more than welcome to talk to him 1335-342847 or his e-mail is He is such a nice man, but when he tried rasing money it was when the psunami hit in Asia, so that was a lost cause. The one Journalist though that has met my Dad and done a couple of stories with him, about what has happened to his Daughter and Granddaughter in the USA and how he feels as a former RE Soldier who sees the US as his strongest Ally (can't tell you without offending you what he said!)him being an ex-sapper is JOHN ROBERTS at the Bradford Telegraph and Argus. If you go to their website see the news column on the left and scroll down to the bottom of the news column click on archives and just type in my name. It also gives you contact numbers there, you should call him. I have written to sooo many people I cant tell you how frustrating it is. I noticed that somebody posted a message on ARSSE asking why I am trying to raise money now, well in the USA once a ruling has been made, there is a 2 year rule that states you cannot take it back to Court. Also, as far as me losing the appeal, I never even filed one, I couldn't, after the first judgement was made in my ex-Husbands favor on the 29 Dec 2003, the Courts here in Wisconsin gave me 90 days to appeal, IN ORDER FOR ME TO FILE THE APPEAL THE SUPREME COURT WANTED $10,000.00!!!!!!!!. I already have legal bills amounting to more than $26,000.00! But I was totally railroaded. I can't believe that people would think for a moment that somebody could make this up?!. Like one of my Attorneys said (who was actually threatened by the Moncada's) "Claire-Marie, you couldn't write this one in a book. I have a whole list of phone numbers I could give you to verify who I am and what we have gone through here. I have written to sooo many people Al, and had nothing back. There was a charity in the UK called Reunite, the director there is a Lady called Denise Carter, Im not sure what was going on there but they only were able to send me about $80 in donations!!!!!, I think there were donations there that were never sent, so I have not spoken to her in the past year, I just dont trust her anymore, my Dad can fill you in on what he thinks has gone on there, he told me not to trust her. I was born in Hanover Military Hospital Germany 1972. My Mum Jennifer (if anyone remembers her, knockout, slim, blonde light blue eyes!) worked there. I remember being at Chatham and my Dad sitting me on a bomb at the entrance of the base and screaming because I thought it was going to blow up!!!!!!!!!. My brother was born in Cyprus when my Dad was stationed there (I think it was Dhekalia or Larnaca) and my Sister was born in Cheltenham. I am the baby of three. I will answer anyones questions. What I would like everyone to remember also is this. My little girl went through four major surgeries at Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin here, she was admitted numerous times for severe Neutropenia, the whole time The Moncadas couldn't believe that I would not leave my little girls side, so, their way of slapping me in the face was too make up nasty things about me, because they knew it would cast a shadow of doubt in peoples minds (these stories were quickly thrown out of Court by my daughters Paediatrician). They are a very narcissistic controlling Family. I have been threatened, followed, hurt beyond belief. But through everything I have stood tall in the face of adversity. I would rip my heart out right now for my little girl. If you could come and meet us, you would understand, our bond is ubreakable, our love for one another, undeniable. I would just ask people to call my Dad and have faith in hunanity, after all, with everything I have been through I still have faith and I know my strength comes form being a RE Baby.

Al, my home phone is switched off because I couldn't pay the bill, but you can call me on my cell Mum calls it and gets charged the same as if she was calling my house.

I did look on the "Justgiving" website, but I think there maybe a problem as everything is in pounds sterling?????, plus I dont have the money to set-up an account anyway.

Al, please let me know if there is anything else you need I am also going to attach some pictures that a British Journalist took of me and Sydney
Hello Gundolph,

I have just joined the *ARRSE* sight as I felt compelled to respond to everyones queries and doubts. My Father is Danny Thompson better known as Scratter, you can find info on him on Please do not hesitate to get his contact information from myself or Gundolph. I would like Gundolph to copy and paste the e-mail I sent him earlier as far as any questions anybody may understandably have. I would hope that as a Sappers Daughter, there is some trust that should already be there, if not, then please don't bother reading this. I have turned to my RE Family as a last resort with maybe a sense of shame at having to do so. I do this for my child and not myself. I have acquired a new Attorney who has looked at all of the paperwork and has seen how messed up our situation is, his first response once doing so was "how the **** did he get away with this ?" You have to understand, the legal system is very, very different here in the US compared to England, then add to that the fact that my ex's Father is very nasty and highly connected politically here. They basically dont give a damn, unless you have lots and lots of money to play with, and even then, it's who can play the better game of "hide and seek". I have fought and fought for my little girl to the point of exhaustion many times...and then fought again, and I will never stop fighting, but I am running out of steam and find my self in my darkest hour turning to the only real Family I have ever trusted and known. I have written to Tony Blair, Laura Bush, Lady Catherine Meyer (wife to the former British Ambassador here), The British Embassy Chicago, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine ( our story was printed in both, Human Rights Organisations, Commandoe Joe (requesting to row across the Atlantic to raise money for my little girl), The Daily Express, The Sun, Bella Magazine (our story was their top story), Sharon Osbourne, Oprah Winfrey...the list go's on and on and on. Please do not hesitate to contact my Father or myself. If you are reading this as a Sapper, former Sapper or Parent I thank you from the bottom of my heart ad hope somebody can help us.

Over & Out

Claire-Marie Thompson
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
have to go with the flow here, really need more info before we all start to hand over the readies. sure that if it is all legitimate there will be plenty of people willing to contribute a couple of coppers here & there.
I'm willing, any way I could donate through arrse?
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