Former Sappers Daughter needing help...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. The following was sent to my Website by the daughter of a former Royal Engineer, she has tried everything and like her message says, she now finds herself turning to her RE Family for help. This is obviously a serious Post so it would be appreciated if only serious posts are added to it (please help with this the MODs? maybe a sticky also?). It would be a tremendous thing if she was actually helped by serving or former members of the Royal Engineers!!! lets show everyone that Sappers really do have a heart under that hardened exterior... Any genuine offers of help please PM me and I will pass on Claire's contact details, Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and many thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help in anyway.

    "British Mother & Daughter need help in USA

    Hello all of my Dads former Buddies. My Dad is a former Royal Engineer and served in various Units including 49Sqn 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) (his nickname was scratter). I am looking for some help from the USA. My daughter was taken from me from a politically corrupt Family over here and I need to raise at least $4500.00 (about 3000 pounds) to get her back. If you would like to read our story you can go to or www.telegraph& Just type in Claire Thompson in the archive section and it will bring up all of the stories. My Dad has also tried to help by telling the newspapers our story, but no body seems to care or isn't listening, so I find myself turning to my RE Family for help. I am a GOOD MOTHER, but my ex sent us back to England in 2001 because I would not put up with his drugs or his controlling Family. even took us to Chicago Airport and gave me &1800!,6 months later he charged me with child abduction!!! My Home Country would not protect us because of the Hague Convention, yet they protect terrorists right!???? How messed up is that?. I would do anything for my little girl (she is now 5 yrs old). I have no other option than to stay here like a prisoner at the moment, I will not leave my little girl. I only get to see her every two weeks, and she is devastated. The Attorney (Lawyer)I have found is awesome, he has looked at the paperwork and asked how the hell my ex ( a drug user and son of a former County Sheriff) could have got away with this. It was all about who they knew. They tried saying some terrible things about me to get me to fold and return to England without my little girl. I AM A SAPPERS DAUGHTER, I will not fold I will not stop fighting, but I am slowly running out of steam. Can anybody help??. If you would like more info you can call my Dad Danny T. (Scratter Chatham, Hanmlyn, Cyprus, Aden, Falklands) **PM me ' Gundulph' for number**.....we need a hero....and soon. God Bless Claire-Marie T.. XXX We are waiting for a miracle and hope that it may be in the form of a RE Soldier."
  2. sh1t, i cant help in any other way than a small donation - will this help? can we all chip a bit in, just like the arrse donation?

    let me know - sorry i cant do more
  3. Tried to access those links. The Burton one doesn't show anything like this and the other one cannot be opened. You lads sure that this is genuine?
  4. Gundulph,

    Are you going to speak to the MOD's to see if we can use the aarse paypal system to see if we can raise a few quid for this woman, even if fello arrser's don't want to, then those of us Sappers who desire need some where to send the money.

  5. isn't SSAFA a place to start?
  6. the archive in the burton link seems to work (look up claire thompson) - maybe it is suspect but on the off chance it will make a difference £10 doesnt seem to much to lose.

    if she has an email address and signs up to paypal, then any other paypal user can send directly to her - some feedback needed on those details please
  7. I'm with you on the one Onfire.

  8. hmmm... Interesting, slighty iffy thongh
  9. There's a wee bit in here as well, the US family sound like a Fakin nightmare

    "Her former husband, Jamie Joseph Moncada, 34, is the son of former Waukesha County Sheriff Arnold A. Moncada."

    Knowing what these SHEEERIFFS are like, it's little wonder little wonder that Marie is struggling.

    Milwaukee post
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Not being too cynical here but as she has lost the appeal and now can but attempt to get the Hague convention changed, what is this cash going to be used for? Looking at the articles, she need the money last year....
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Suggest that the RE Benevolent Fund, SSAFA, and RBL would be good starting points. Whilst not wanting to doubt the authenticity of this appeal these organisations have mechanisms for varifying the scale of need.

  12. gundulph - im thinking a bit more info is needed here
  13. Gundulph - count me in if all other routes (REBF SSAFA etc)are explored as well. PM me on progress.
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