Former Royal Engineer Sadly Killed in Lebanon

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. A former Royal Engineer has very sadly lost his life carrying out the very hazardous work of land mine, bomblet and sub munition clearance in Lebanon... Link

    Next of Kin have been informed...

    Rest In Peace Fella - heartfelt condolences to your Family, Friends and work colleagues...

    Onward to Sapper Valhalla
  2. thoughts go out to all RIP :(
  3. RIP Lad
  4. He was on my 8B4 Intermediate EOD course, a very bright guy, I think he came top.
    Nice guy, my heartfelt condolencies to his family, he was a brave guy doing a difficult risky job.
  5. heart felt condolencies
  6. REst easy fella.
  7. Rest in peace
  8. RIP mate.
  9. rip mate gone but not forgotten
  10. RIP. Brave way to go. There's not much better work than saving innocents from mutilation by callously distributed ordinance.
  11. RIP.