Former PWRR soldier jailed for firearms offences

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Former soldier jailed for firearms offences - Metropolitan Police Service

    Former soldier who 'smuggled arms cache into UK inside a tank' jailed for 17 years - Crime - News - Evening Standard

    Quite a collection along with 150 rounds of various natures...
  2. I don't suppose I'll get my deposit back from him will I?
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  3. I know a bloke who posted the component parts of an "acquired" Colt 45 pistol from Afghanistan to his Grandmother's address in the UK.

    He was arrested, interviewed and subsequently had his wrist slapped very softly.

    Carlos, you lucky, lucky man!
  4. But Granny's going a 5 stretch in Belmarsh
  5. tut tut tut,should have stuck to bringing in hooky fags in knackered warriors.
  6. Or break them down and stick them in Thomas bins full of weapon spares, just saying.
  7. I was the rear party SNCO when that happened, what shock that phone call was!!!
  8. A shock that a squaddie was caught smuggling naughty firearms or that he got away with it?
  9. Nothing new here move along, Saracens and Saladins back from Aden/Radfan were quietly "emptied" of hidden treasures once through Marchwood.
  10. Think are former pwrr did a bit more than try to collect dangerous toys.
    Hence the extra long sentance.
  11. You think they would have learned after the Combat 18 trials.