Former PM: Taliban Okays Peace Talks If US Sets Pullout Date

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Afghan_Kandak, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Former PM: Taliban Okays Peace Talks If US Sets Pullout Date
    Ahmadzai Insists Taliban Leadership Agreed to Sever All Ties With al-Qaeda
    by Jason Ditz, August 03, 2011

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    In comments to media outlets, former prime minister of Taliban-run Afghanistan Ahmad Ahmadzai insisted that the Taliban agreed to take part in direct peace talks with the US two years ago, requiring only that the US set a date for a full pullout from Afghanistan.

    Indeed, Ahmadzai claims, the Taliban didn’t even require a certain date of their own choosing, saying it was entirely up to the US to set a date and that the date simply needed to be set publicly. They reportedly reiterated this offer a few days ago.

    They also, according to Ahmadzai, agreed to a US demand that they sever all ties with al-Qaeda, insisting that such a move would not be an issue to such talks. It does not appear that they agreed to US demands to disarm and submit to the Karzai government, however.

    And of course the US has no intention of setting a date for ending the war in Afghanistan, with Pentagon officials openly dismissing the “end of 2014″ deadline set by NATO as unrealistic and President Karzai confirming talks for “permanent” US bases. That is a large part of why, ten years in, the war is still going on, with three more NATO soldiers slain today.

    Former PM: Taliban Okays Peace Talks If US Sets Pullout Date -- News from
  2. Well what can one say about this, I really doubt the Taliban will cut ties with Alqueda. Taliban and Alqueda are the exact same, and the Taliban are inspired by Osama Bin Laden, and consider him a Hero and a true Jihadi.

    In my humble opionion, if I was an advisor to the Americans, besides getting my spelling correct before hand, I would quite clearly, advise him to confront Pakistan by all possible means, including attacking the Taliban in Quetta, where their shura is based.

    The Taliban will pose as all sorts, agree to many things, but they are not people of their word,and they will turn on you.
  3. I think we should just leave AK alone to have a conversation with himself, it might be interesting to see where he ends up.
  4. Current Affairs not NAAFI.
  5. I have no idea what it is we are trying to do in Afghanistan. I can see why we initially went in, but we seem to have no coherent aims/stratergy.
  6. I think the problem lies in the grouping of the Taliban, when they fled into Pakistan after they were overthrown, maybe due to the constant propaganda and protection from the ISI, their numbers flourished.

    They say there is a 3000 or so network of Madrassahs in Pakistan, that provides fighters to the Taliban, with a safe haven in Pakistan, I am sure they will continue to cause problems in Afghanistan.

    I think it would be advisable for the Americans and Nato forces, to start being abit more honest about Pakistans twisted doings, and start showing to us all, the real situations.

    Its a shame wikileaks had to inform the public of links between Pakistani ISI officials and Taliban, a little truth wont hurt.

    What do you say?
  7. Umm, How about leaving Afghanistan and Pakistan to sort their own problems out, I'm sure the surrounding countries will ensure it doesn't spill on to their territory.
  8. I doubt that Pakistan is the puppet master that you seem to believe. Problem number 1 is religion IMO. Those madrassa you mention are churning out brainwashed idiots. Problem 2 is probably the tribal nature in that part of the world. Problem 3 is that Pakistan has very little real control in its northern tribal areas.

    TBH, I think that the western perception of both the Taliban and A-Q is probably wrong. I do not think that they are two seperate distinct entities with a welll organised leadership. Rather a hodge-podge of various groupings that are probably constantly changing.
  9. Madrassahs are operated by the ISI, it was the ISI with the Saudis who opened them up in the first place. Durool Haqqania Madrassah led by Maulana Sami Ul haq, Qazi Hussain, Fazul Rehman, all Taliban trainers, funders and icons are all part of the JUI Pakistan Government, Pakistan can easily stop them, just like they did to the Lal Masjid, but they need such Madrasahs to keep the Pashtun population controlled by Religion and neglect them from Nationalistic aspirations to join back with Afghanistan.

    Islam can be used for good and bad, depends on who is interpretating it, Taliban and Alqueda are a mixture of Wahabis,Deobandis and Salafis, who oppose Sufism and Shiasm.

    There was no such thing as Osama and Alqueda before the 70's, until the Yanks with other Western nations started pouring in Jail birds from Arab prisons to purify their souls by killing comminists. The Sect of Islam that inspires Islamist Attacks (Wahabism) was brought into power by the British and French. Lawrence of Arabia, the decline of the Ottomon empire.

    Taliban/Alqueda oppose all forms of Tribal culture, including the Pashtunwali system of the Afghans, Tribal culture has been Islamised/Arabised hence punishing women in public was rare, but very common now, plus the recent attack on a famous Pashtun poet called Hamza Baba, his grave was bombed and attacked by Taliban Militants, never ever would one committ such a crime in Tribal culture.

    Pakistan has full control of its assets, the only group of Talibs who oppose Pakistan, are led by Hakeemullah Mahsud, who himself isnt Anti-Pakistan. Other Taliban groups led by Mullah Nazir, Afghan Taliban, Haqqanis are all very much in favor of a relationship with Paksitan.
  10. nek-muhammad2.jpg


    Here is the founder of the TTP, Nek Mohammad Wazir telling Geo News in Pakistan how much hes a Patriotic Pakistani and how the Taliban are the atomic bomb of Pakistan.
  11. My views on religion are almost entirely negative. Brainwash someone into believing that faith is better than reason and evidence, they are then lost to the rational world. Tribalism is just as bad. What both Afghanistan and Pakistan need is a whole shitload more education. Real education, not religious mumbo-jumbo. My last applies to the UK too.

    BTW, as for Islam being able to be a force for good. Can you name one single thing for good that would require something exclusively Islamic? Damned if I can.
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