Former Officer needed

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bomb-int, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. I have an opening for the right person. a degree or MSc a must.

    My company is Intelligent Training International Limited

    CV's via email please (email address on website)
  2. Are you sure you didn't mean to put this in Lonely Hearts ;)
  3. Intelligent Training - that cant spell 'Former' :)
  4. Thanks for your comments but im a giver not a taker!
  5. Were you what your username says?

    Edited to add - I was! If you were pm me!
  6. ???

    or why not give Shortty a shout?

    Oh I, a new sentance starts with a capital :roll:

  7. Thanks very much for your comment... I am just trying to get a post filled - at a time when there are not many jobs to be had, so stop being a TWAT
  8. OK Dad!!
  9. So why does it need to be a former officer,are there not any squaddies with the right qualification? :twisted:
  10. Oh dear :D and sentence is ............... :roll:
  11. Is an MSc not a degree then?
  12. No it's one above a degree :twisted:
  13. So its 2 degrees. Another one and you could sell records
  14. so would a MA not be acceptable?
  15. No feck off! I have a MSc and I used to be an ATO and I worked in Weapons Int :twisted:

    How much are you paying? Do I get as much expenses as an MP? 8)