"Former" - not "ex- "

I propose a change of nomenclature. The term most commonly used here in respect of those no longer on the active list is "ex-" as in "ex-soldier". I think this is incorrect and could be altered to better reflect what is most often meant. I suggest that "ex- " becomes "former ". What I am now - my beliefs, values, actions, planning and overall character - reflect the way I was trained in the first five or six years of my service. Yes, that started as National Service which many still advocate as a way of improving youth. I did not abandon these the day I handed in my whistle so I am not an ex. I am a former.
We could even add to the swear words file so that typed "ex-" becomes "former" in posts.
Nit picking and insignificant? Maybe. Matter of pride really. Let us retain "ex-" for prefixing prisoner and suchlike.

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