Former Meth Labs 2,500 000 Poisonous Houses in the US - How Many in the UK & Europe?

Just saw this article and video on Yahoo. I had no idea that crystal meth left such a toxic residue, or that so many houses were effected. 2,500 0000 houses is an insanely high number, potentially causing health problems for millions of people. Is crystal meth a big enough problem in the UK that this could be an issue there too?
The foreclosed house for sale on the up-and-coming street pined for fresh paint and other fixes, but the Hankins family saw its potential.Plus, at $36,000, the price was perfect for a young family trying to make ends meet in small-town Klamath Falls, Ore."We said, 'It needs a little bit of love, but it's got good bones,'" Jonathan Hankins recalled. "We just had no idea that those bones were poisonous."Within days of moving in this past summer, Beth Hankins, an ER nurse, started experiencing breathing problems. Then Jonathan got migraine-like headaches and nosebleeds. By the third week, their 2-year-old son, Ezra, developed mouth sores."He couldn't even drink water without being in pain," said Jonathan, 32.They were about to schedule doctor visits when a neighbor shared the bad news: 2427 Radcliffe was a former meth house.

Mystery illness solved when family discovers new home was a meth lab | The Lookout - Yahoo! News



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