Former KGB spy Lebedev buys Indy and Sindy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. So soon the Independent will be dependent on Russian tycoon.

  2. It has a sort of symmetry...its hacks have been pushing left-wing garbage long enough - working for the commissar for disnformatskya shouldn't present too many issues!
  3. Now please don't give the man a hard time. If he's ex-KGB perhaps he could find out who vandalised my car.
  4. The 'London Evening Standard' has lurched so far to the left it has practically mounted the kerb.

    The 'papers bought by this man will surely be re-titled:

    'The Party-Line' and 'The Sunday Party-Line'. ('Pravda' by other names).

    I don't suppose for a moment that any money (Heaven forfend) or promises have been exchanged 'twixt the purchaser and a certain political party in urgent need of funds - no, it could not happen in this country!

    PS: Am I the only subscriber to 'The Daily Telegraph' who reckons it has lost it's 'moral and political compass'? Picking the rag up for the first time ever a person could easily believe that it is owned by the Labour Party.

    Heigh ho! My newsagent accepts my 'Ex Torygraph' vouchers for 'The Times'. I never thought I would support Murdoch, but I'm fvcked if I'm having anything to do with left wing rubbish that comprises the current 'Telegraph'.
  5. Is he going to change the name to PRAVDA? :lol:
  6. KGB might I suggest taking up golfing? I would think all that sitting at the computer searching and reading various inglorious news articles would have some sort of impact on your waistline... no?
  7. Alas... yes.
  8. I think you are being ever so slightly over-sensitive...even the most liberal of conservatives wouldn't make that assumption based, for example, on my reading of it yesterday. It certainly hasn't lost its "moral compass" but it doesn't seem to attack only Labour - is this your problem? nor does it run pep rallies in print for the conservatives, again is this your angst?
  9. Izvestia would be better - it means "delivered message". Very Alistair Campbellish
  10. My bold: probably you are correct, but it irritates me to see two pages in 'my' daily devoted to the failed and flawed oaf masquerading as the prime minister!
  11. Thank you dear friend for the correction. I know what is the purpose of the articles a and the

    The Russian language is voided articles and it is very hard to me to insert them in a propper way.

    However, here likely the article the should be used as mr.Lebedev was mentioned previously in the title.

    Anyway, I beg to accept my sincere apologies for the mistake.
  13. What cases?

    Just tell them you come fram Vranje or some other small railway town in South Serbia and they laugh and forgive you. :)

    I found it works especially well in Zagreb.
  14. No I am afraid that is the cheats way out.

    SPEAK SLOWLY AND LOUDLY IN ENGLISH. It is a well know fact they all speak English - I mean everybody not having had the benefit of being born in This Sceptered Isle :twisted: :D