Former KGB agent tries to buy The Evening Standard

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jan 9, 2009.

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    It is not a big problem for mr.Lebedev. He knows how to attract readers. Namely his 'newspaper' Moscow reporter spead rumours that mr.Putin planned to divorce and marry ms.Kabayva - handsome champion gymnast.

    If enving Standards would be in the hands of the former KGB agent then I Fancy the newspaper would be very 'interesting', maybe even more interesting than NoW and definetely it would put the Sun into the shadow.
  2. Sock it to em Sergey.
  3. I just have realised John, that I mistakenly put it to the Current Events section. I deserves NAAFI no doubt.

    However there is a serious aspect of the story. If Western company would wish to buy Russian newspaper or/and TV then such a request could be denied and complains about absence of freedom of speech would be rejected.

    From financial point of view it would be reasonable to sell the Evening Standard. So the cause of the reaction of the owners was rather political than founded on business considerations.
  4. Sod it... I was wondering why my postings to the 'Evening Standards' have your say forums have been blocked. Maybe its all the 'Nice Things' I have been saying about Gormless Broone and Lordy Mandelprat.... But hey, some of the other posters have said even worse things what I done said.... hehehehe

    or is it my bletherings? :p :p
  5. Big deal, he can get one from any newspaper booth in central London for 50p or so...

    I'll get my coat....
  6. They've always run out by the time I get there. Still maybe no bad thing.

  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Who fcuking cares. Its a right wing lies rag anyway. Lets face it, assuming that this will become the official overseas propaganda sheet for the Putin ("Oh, honest, Guv, I'm an EX - KGB officer, I swear...), it couldn't print any more reactionary and hysterical crap if it tried.
  9. Quite interesting really . . . . . You couldn't get two different owners of the Standard could you?

    One is a creepy, covert minded individual who has shrouded himself in lies, half-truths and skulduggery to the highest order. Lived a life of death, personal injury and lives in fear of revenge and retribution.
    The other is an ex-KGB agent.