Former Grenadier Officer gives Assange Sanctuary

In the weeks leading up to his arrest Assange was given lodgings at the war journo club Frontline in London established by the former Grenadier turned video-journalist Vaughan Smith.
A wanted man positions himself on the frontline

Since Assange has been granted bail Smith has offered his family home in Suffolk as Assange's designated residence whilst he fights extradition to Sweden.
Photos: Here's The Manor Where Julian Assange Will Be Staying - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic

There's no doubt that the Frontline Club has benefited from the publicity when Assange was living there and giving regular press briefings, but I would have that thought that is a clear conflict of loyalties in what Assange & Wikileaks are attempting to achieve and that of a former army officer.
He's a FORMER Army officer as you point out. And we live in a democracy: surely he can give shelter to who he likes?? You and I might question his choice of friends but isn't that up to him?
I personally believe that the charges against him are dodgy and a way to shut him up.

Even though I think he's a ****, I don't like the idea of an innocent man being imprisoned to shut him up.
I understand he was given bail with conditions. I presume one of those conditions is having a target painted on his back to assist the black suits from the CIA when they get him alone in a back street somewhere.


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cruise missile through the window or islamic extremists?

I assume the 'a' is the target designator.

lets hope the smiths hide the swedish au pair!


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Even on the BBC news last night they said that rather than Assange being under house arrest he was under mansion arrest!

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