former CRA in the poo

I find this shocking. Shocking that a Brigadier would attempt to delegate this particular task to a subordinate. Shocking that he could not find the time management to do it himself. Utterly shocking that he has dragged a Colonel, who has had the moral courage to explain the meaning of responsibility to said Brigadier, over the coals to attempt to cover his own failing.

I find this disgusting and hope that Col Clover is returned to his position and that the Brigadier finds himself, tapping the boards to his superiors.

With said Brigadier also being a Gunner Officer we also come in for criticism on other parts of this site and undoubtedly elsewhere.




well said GQ..........

but we all know in our heart of hearts...he'll get away with it
All that as said, I can see what mastergnr means. Having "met elsewhere" this particular brigadier at earlier stages in his career, he is somewhat careerist and up himself. I am therefore less than surprised to see his name in today's media but nevertheless a bit disappointed...


they are my opinions based solely on my perception of someone that I have met frequently over the past 19 years. I am only commenting on the situation as it was portrayed by the Telegraph. There may well be an element of exaggeration on the reporter's belhalf, or indeed sour grapes from the Colonel.

I wait with baited breath for further instalments.


Gents & Ladies, may I just say that in fact the issue is yet again the “brass” is being portrayed in a bad light:

1. Senior ranks being humiliated in the press
2. The army being displayed as uncaring about our injured troops
3. We are also arguing about it publicly

If it is true, and I acknowledge that there is at least two sides to this story, it is shocking, but more than anything else, we must put forward a positive view, that the Colonel in question did visit the troops in hospital, has the the Brigadier been able to do so yet?


Do injured guys care that someone they've probably never met comes to see them just because it's seen as the decent thing to do? Are Senior Officers within the three services carrying out these visits as they have been instructed or because they genuinely care for the blokes who suffer such horrendous injuries? You'd really have to ask both parties. I would think injured soldiers would definitley want to see (after family) firstly their mates then perhaps Officers from their own unit and maybe then higher ranking personalities. Maybe they don't wish to see anyone and are just concerned in getting better for what must be a difficult time ahead. Respect lads, you deserve it.

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