Former army Sergeant jailed indefinitely.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by purplegunner, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Fireing squad, ready!
  2. Assuming this bloke wasn't a REME armourer what has his being "a former Army sargeant" got to do with it?
  3. :? :roll: :? :roll: :? :roll: :? :roll:
  4. So there's a vacancy?
  5. PLEASE SIR,I was kiddy fiddled,an broke,I was driven to it,it's the ression you know!
  6. I asked the question from a protectionist stance. Why should the media lead the public to believe that "that Army lot are all a bunch of crooks y'know!"
  7. I suggest its because he's used his knowledge from his former honorable profession for ill ends.

    A 'look how far the good have fallen' story.
  8. Because his trade in the Army gave him the skills to convert the weapons. I don't really think it was meant as a broad swipe against the military.

  9. Fair enough! I'm glad they got the guy. But, how about 'nicking' the perverted little pollies and other interlopers who are the real "Lords of War". This guy is small fry.

    The arms industry on an international basis is a nice little earner, bringing in far more cash p.a than drugs, people smugling or inter-country prostitution. For an industry to be that big it MUST have big backers. And indeed it does, some of them sit in Westminster and Washington, to name but 2 places. So, whilst I agree with you 100% purplegunner, lets please start chasing and nabbing the REAL sharks!
  10. Agreed with the large bit! - Tie-in anything in the news with the tags "Army", "Military" and timely tags "Remembrance" and guarantee yourself more hits. Name of the game these days. See threads various of RBL Poppy boxes going walkabout, charity boxes go missing everyday. Never quite makes the media in the same way, etc.

    Posted about this a couple of weeks back Interesting to see the "box of frogs" comment.
  11. They are thrashing that cliche about him being a "dealer of death" though aren't they. He is clearly a scumbag and deserves to go down.

    BTW - it says he did 20 years. I'm assuming he actually did his 22 yrs and left with a full pension. Does anyone know whether the state can withold your army pension if you get sent down, or indeed whether they can withold the state pension of someone (over 65 obviously) who gets sent to prison? Just wondering like...
  12. I agree untirely but it`s always easier to catch the small fry as is the case with other criminals in the drugs world etc.
  13. According to BBC NEWS | England | Essex | Criminal past of jailed armourer

    he's actually officially a convicted walt!

    I especially love the;

    Ex sgt-wish he was CIA-walt?


    cant put my hand on it- he looks like some old bald scouse celebrity.