Former army Doc Struck Off.

Iraq: Former Army Doctor Struck Off

During my 25 years service I only once ever met a decent MO and she was always sober when treating the troops.
Never mind Ex Doc you can always apply to ATOS, they will also take any useless twat.. even at an advisory level.
One off our lads on OP Granby set himself alight (silly boy) and if it had been down to Capt Doctor Fcuknuts he wouldn't be here today. He owes his life to a switch on 22 trained medic.. nice one Chalky White where ever you are now ?
Anyone else had similar experiences ?

Merry Xmas to ARRSE'rs
Most military docs have been pretty good that I've come across - If they can keep me ticking they can't be that shit!

Seeing your old MO, form back in the day, after rejoining and being greeted with: "Fucking hell - How are you still alive!?!" Cheers Doc!

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