Former 4/73 Got any special observer training Tip?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by EloiseRA, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Bare in mine I have tits and a vagina, so I may possibility need to train that much harder, has anyone got any prepertaion tips for special observers course? I'm already prepared to shit in a bag before anyone tries flinging that one at me :)
  2. Top tip. Try starting your post with "Bear in mind".

    Bare, mine, tits and vagina in the same sentence will have the usual suspects upon you like wasps around a toffee apple.
  3. F*** that, my interest started with, 'shit in a bag...'
  4. Hahaha. Fucked that one up didn't I. I meant bear in mind. Not that that will save me from the wasps.
  5. There is a couple of threads on this already I think. Get fit - half marathon every week type fit, and get your brain used to not having things. Like food, water or knowing what the heck is going to happen next. Get a bizzarre sense of humour, and just go for it.
  6. Isn't there already 2 threads by women going for 4/73!?
  7. Women? In the Army? It'll never happen.
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  8. Bro, get my shit list.
  9. Run, just run.
  10. Alright lad :) Cheers.
  11. **** me, we are on page two already and nobody has asked the OP to post pictures of tits and clack just to prove she's a splitarse.

    C'mon get a ******* grip you lot, you're slacking!
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  12. How about, instead of starting multiple threads on an internet forum, you just get you arse outside and do some ******* phys?? Anyone can sit at a desk and talk a good arduous selection.... Just my opinion.
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  13. Still going with this ? Have you actually joined up ? Once you are in the army I would suggest they would have course outline somewhere . can you go direct to special OP's ? I would suggest getting to the parent regiment first would be your priority . Then you would be given course brief and requirements, rather than asking the same crap to broken down old sweats.
  14. ( . )( . ) <-- Tits.
    \./ <-- Clunge.
    You are welcome.
  15. Yes, I am. And yes I have. And if that had worked when I asked I wouldn't be on some random forum asking questions sir, would I? Unless an absolute moron, which I'm proud to say I am not.. anymore. Yes, going direct helped a little but they would only.give much information. I would much rather train and be prepared then turn up and fail like a black man on a HIV test. But thank you for your suggestions.