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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of a step by step way of formatting and re-installing XP on your computer?
    I am running a Dell Dimension 4600 using Windows XP and all i can find on the net is gobble do gook. Any one know of a step by step way of doing it? I have backed up my docs and pictures. Also what info will i need to ensure that i can get back on the net after i re-install XP.
    Thanks in advance (oh yes, i am a computer biff) :pc:
  2. If you put the system disks in it should give you the option of re-installing or repairing windows.

    Re-install it and delete the partitions.

    Re-install the new partitions and re-install the windows package

    Easy as that
  3. This site pretty much explains it in simple terms mate. You use your installation cd/dvd.


    Scroll down to the part titled "Formatting and Installing from the Windows XP CD"
  4. msr

    msr LE

    But test the restoring of your data on another PC before you do!

  5. Get someone else to do it, its less hassle and you can blame them if anything goes wrong.
  6. Yes, typically i now cannot access the internet (i am on my wireless laptop before someone asks) and have had to ask a bloke at work for some advice and some big help. Still i have the laptop and all the documents and pictures from the computer as i checked this prior to doing the silly formatting. Mrs ACC is not happy though :roll:
  7. Did the other PC connect wirelessly aswell? If yes, have you got encryption on the link and have you setup that encryption on the PC after formatting?

    If you can give us some info about your hardware it may make it easier. ie, what make and model of modem / router you use. Other might have the same or know the menus / setup details for it and can tell you what things to check.
  8. Correct me if im wrong but Dell computers have a secret partition which can't be seen on my computer (unless you un hide invisible folders). On this partition is basically what is on the system restore disc. Can't remember what buttons you push on boot (could be something like f10 or shift f10).
  9. I want to reformat my computer but I haven't got a XP back up disc. How do I create one before reformatting? Can anyone put it into very basic language cos when it comes to computers, I'm as thick as fcuk :eek:
  10. There's a load of rubbish on the computer from when I bought it second hand, which I'm having trouble uninstalling, this is making the computer very slow. I've already backed up my personal stuff, I want to basically reset the computer to factory settings and reinstall my own stuff from scratch.
  11. I have a Dell you can do a Dell Restore on start up press CTRL and F11 together this will guide you through a complete restore back to the factory settings.
  12. Before formatting, make a note of what hardware you have and do you have the drivers for it. Video card, Sound Card, networking card etc.
    "Just stick the disk in and reformat" is NOT good advice!
  13. A few things to remember when backing up your data, things you can easily forget!

    * Online banking passwords and membership numbers (autofill helps you forget them)

    * Any music licenses you have - especially if you bought music from Virgin Digital, as this is now defunct :x

    * Saved games

    * Everything in your My Documents folder, but possibly also on your desktop

    * If you have anything encrypted like work files, decrypt them before backing up just to be sure!

    * Get your wireless (if need be) password from your router and make sure it's too hand - saves taking the computer to the living room to connect it with a cable :roll:

    This is from first hand experience!
  14. Also remember to back up your Outlook (if you use Outlook) as a PST file. Also copy your Internet favourites over.