Formation / Unit Insignia upon Mobilisation


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When I mobilise in Feb will I wear the insignia (DZ Flash etc.) of my current formation & regt or those of the unit to which I am attached ?

Isn't the TRF capbadge based and thus wouldn't need to be changed ?

Not sure for TA and current climes but when I went to Bos with a 1 Div unit I had to replace my rams head with a rhino, but I think that was more a RSM thing
We went on Telic 2 with the Kingos and sported their TRF and the 19 Mech Brigade flash.


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JHC / 7 Regt AAC (V) vs. 16 AA Bde / 9 Regt AAC.


wearing your mobilsed unit TRF(spit) or Bde patch/badge backing, kinda helps with the acceptance, just so long has you don't have to pay for them, as they initially wanted us to!


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you wear the brigade flash of the unit you are attached to. i have on all of the Ops ive been on.

fasterthanaspeedingbullet said:
We went on Telic 2 with the Kingos and sported their TRF and the 19 Mech Brigade flash.
i wore the 19 Mech Brigade flash as well but i was attached to QLR on the same tour. We didnt have to wear their regimental flash as we were Fusiliers.

On a later tour had a slight difference of opinion regarding one that looked a little too much like a battle honour my regiment wasnt entitled to wear. The glider, now worn by the Duke of Lancasters Regiment. As a Fusilier we do not share that battle honour and in my view even when are attached should not dishonour the memory of those who did earn it by wearing them.

either way i never wore it as it was always on the shirt that was in the wash :compress:
If you are attached to a unit you wear that units flash. If you are part of a TA unit attached to a formation you wear your own units trf and the formation flash.


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Thanks, all.

See you in the Tim Hortens outlet at KAF, maybe.
I have Recently got back from Telic 8 I was serving with the Queens Royal Hussars I was told I had to wear the 20 bde flash. I wore Qrh's beret with my RMLY badge and a QRH rankslide.
If thats any help to you.

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