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Discussion in 'RAC' started by ConCTKD, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Did my BARB test on Tuesday and currently filling in the medical forms. Looking to go in as Formation Recce, however i'm struggling to decide which regiment. Spoke to my careers SGT and decided on either the Queen's Royal Lancers or the Household Cavalry. Was wondering if anyone has served with or along side either of the two regiments and could give me a few extra bits of information about the two. I'm 18 and from Kent.


  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you want to go Recce do some reconnaissance – there are bundles of threads/info on the subject posted around here.
  3. I have been looking around here for the exact same question, but can not seem to find a thing! If you find any links or pages please let me know :)

    This one perhaps is specific to your HCav request? If you want to join the HCav you are looking at doing 2-4 years at Knightsbridge, plus a 12-18 month waiting list to actually start basic in the first place.
  5. While speaking to the recruiting SGT about HCav and that the ceremonial side of things really doesn't jump out at me in the slightest, he said you don't have to go to Knightsbridge if you don't want to and that they'll only put you there if there is a shortage? Is there any truth in this?
  7. Both regiments have decent reputations from an operational/green soldiering perspective. If you want a mixture of ceremonial/horsey stuff and green soldiering go HCAV. If you are not interested in the ceremonial/equine side, just the green bit, then go QRL. Easy as that.
  8. Thanks brave-coward, I guess it really does just come down to that.
  9. Is there much of a waiting list if dont wish to do ceremonial that anyone knows of? Was nearly a year ago was knocked back on medical grounds but should be all good now specialist is happy i dont have arthiritis and was a mistake from doctor..
  10. You'll do ceremonial whether you want to or not, its part of the RAC Employment Structure, and it mandated by Commander HCav that all recruits go to HCMR, and at the moment you're looking at being there for 2 - 4 years, unless you have something exceptional that precludes you from serving in a ceremonial role i.e. allergy to horses (not bluffable), being the wrong shape or size for the kit (rare) or sustaining a serious injury during riding school (******* painful).
  11. So HCav and QRL both ceremonial?
  12. Can be,though unlikely QRL will be again, lets see who knows what i mean :)
  13. QRL aren't mate, pretty sure HCav are the only RAC regiment with a ceremonial regiment
  14. A couple of years ago B Squadron QRL did stagging on for Her Majesty, so it is possible (slightly) that they could again, though probably only if they return some stolen items :)
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  15. I know for sure that people have got to P1 less than 5 months from passing ADSC, so unless the waiting list has skyrocketed since late 2011 then 12-18month is inaccurate.