Formation Recce? Somerset? Advice

I'm thinking of applying to become an officer after I leave university in a year or so. At the moment I'm particularly interested in joining a Formation Recconaisance regiment.
I'm from Somerset, and as far as I can deduce from research, there isn't an FR regiment that traditionally recruits from there. I'm from a fairly average middle class background, and, although I'm aware of the more upper class reputation of units like the 9th/12th Lancers, I'm normally able to get on with people from all walks of life.
So, any advice on which regiment to go for would be gratefully received as at the moment I'm stumped!

P.S advice on here has been great so far, thanks very much!

my apologies, just found the previous topic covering this issue.
QRL or QDG, wouldnt touch 9th/12 with a barge pole.


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scarletto said:
QRL or QDG, wouldnt touch 9th/12 with a barge pole.

....but then again, as someone who spent a good two years with the 9/12th on an SSVC from the Yeomanry, I would. A very friendly bunch, tight knit and the troops are generally very good.

Id ask on the RAC Forum about the 9th/12th Lancers, may get a few suprising remarks from most Regiments about them :)