Formation Recce slots...

Thinkin of it as a next posting, anyone had experience of these jobs good or did u find it to being in a RE Regt/Sqn or just different!? cheers
I have a mate who is doing this but says it is pants. They don't know how to use you properly, they ignore advise and the patch is extrememly cliquey.
The guys I have known who have done this have needed some "career repair" following their time at Formation Recce. You will be out of the RE reporting loop at quite a critical time in your career, and you will doing a job that the cav are happy doing without you. I think the whole thing is engineer empire building and unnecessary. Do something else instead!
I can tell you now mate, DO NOT apply for this job... You will get f**ked over by the Corps and records. Ive been in post for 2 and half years already, and records reckon they will extend me till 2011, thats 4 and half years outside the corps. No one gives a f**k about you, so you have no complaints system, you get empty promises from everyone from the EinC down.

No kit, No job and no F**king career!!!!
Nice one the Royal Engineers, you now have another bitter SNCO!
No... In the south mate. But the same applies there, in comms with the lads and they have the same issues. Best bunch of the lot i would say are the Light Dragoons.

PM me if you need more specifics, its not all doom and gloom, just frustrating issues that need to be addressed by people above our pay scale

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