Formation Recce.......Its not for girls!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by TheBigUn, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. At last I'm allowed to be a man..................
    An interesting article, It's from last Sep but better late then never. Apologies if it has been posted before. It pains me to say it but the journalist James Delingpole comes across as a decent bloke.

  2. Good find mate.Yep sums up aboput most Cavalry messes in the British army.Mountain Bike Jousting,Dance of the flaming ********* etc etc .
  3. What a pity we had to leave Bredebeck in Hohne or we could have seen if he floated in the lake or left him handcuffed him to a table in the Dolls House in Hamburg as well
  4. Reminds me time of bader-meinhof, we had to put guards on the ammo bunkers at woofers, as their was a tip off that they were going to rob or blow them up.

    Stagging on around the bunkers, the officers decided at 1am to go rabbit shooting, shotguns and pistols, oh how i laughed when they started firing, oh how i really laughed as they ran through the 30m range firing, and bullets started winging over the ammo bunkers, what happened to them sod all, same as when they blew up the telephone box with a thunderflash or cut a door in half with a chainsaw.

    One of said Officers gave me 28 days duty over leave after i came back late whilst on firing camp at otterburn, their pranks are high jinks ours are criminal damage.
  5. I wonder if he'd have managed to catch any fish in his Y fronts Oz.
  6. You would know Baggins Oz tells me you have got a stickleback in your's anyway :biggrin:
  7. It does just about manage to scare the ladies though. Lord knows how many times I ended up in the lake. Did anyone ever manage to get Fezzik in there?
  8. I was only thankful it wasn't the resident pike that found its way into my applecatchers

    Fezzik always threw his teddy and got quite punchy with anyone who tried it. He nearly broke my nose when I tried to grab the big lanky cnut. He would eventually volunteer to dive in unassisted as it normally took 8-10 of us to just get the fecker off the ground.

    No holds barred Kabbadi was another favourite of yours wasnt it Baggins although damaged limbs and facial carpet burns tend to be hard to explain away :D

    You've got to be able to let off steam. It was either that or the Sqn bar
  9. As a confirmed Hohne Monk, it was always difficult explaining away carpet burns - "What! You're seeing a bird - must be queer"

    A session in the Sqn bar was always the best way to start the weekend - until you caught sight of G*d*e hammering the end of his not inconsiderable ccok with an ashtray, when it was best to disappear. Oolala's anyone?
  10. Or anyone else helmet who was foolish to challenge him. He was also one of the few people to have seen the moneymaking opportunity in commissioning a whole set of cutom made grumble flicks to be made for him in Bosnia. The giveaway was usually the appearance of an SFOR chinook or a bit of celebratory fire just as Big Goran was about to blow his muck all over the fat bird with the 70's sunglasses and sugar puff teeth

    The image of G*d*e's baby toothed grin in the Sqn bar after he'd taken the bet and eaten a freshly created dung sarnie for 20DM will stay with me to the grave :shock:
  11. Sadly the horrible ickle feker is no more, i doubt if he could get away with eating shoite sandwiches in his local !!!
  12. A good read.
  13. Great article.

    There's no sign of things changing in the cavalry, is there? Trading fire hockey for health and safety would be tragic.